Rheagan Rizio

The fact the Freshman 15 is different for guys and girls is bullshit

I blame the dad bod craze

I don’t care that you’re a vegan

It’s literally the least interesting thing about you

What’s up with the double standard of breakups?

Can’t we all just get along?

Everything you know if you hate the beach

‘I’m allergic to the sun’

Confidence and promiscuity are not one and the same

Just because my boobs are out doesn’t mean you’re taking me home tonight

Everything you know if you’re a girl with road rage

Literally just get out of my way

Abuse doesn’t end when the relationship does

Breaking up is only half of the battle

Everything you go through when you can’t talk to boys you like

Unless it’s about Harry Potter, but that seems to be more damaging than just not talking

I don’t drink because I’m scared of rape culture

I’d probably be blamed anyway, so why add fuel to the fire?

I talk to my parents every day but that doesn’t mean I’m not independent

If the farmer and the cow man can be friends then so can we.

I go to a party school but I don’t drink

I prefer to get those calories from tastier foods, like pizza or ice cream