Rebecca Cohen

Rebecca Cohen
Liverpool University


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Fashion Studies

Because it felt like you were being papped all day, so it’s best to make an effort.

To be or not to be, asks EngSoc

Well, no one killed themselves, so the trip was a success!

I like large parties. They’re so intimate.

Who needs AU when you can quote F Scott Fitzgerald on demand?


Who’s trending in the area.


Look hip. Help a guy out.

Memes are Old News: Part V

It’s been a while, but we’ve found that gifs are weirdly relatable

Get your kit off for the girls

“HATE U$ LIKE WE’RE F∆MOUS” – whether they’re Lad Clothing or Fresh Young Kings, Liverpool’s newest t-shirt company has a lot to say.

Fake Up is Punderful

Benefit goes via Baker Street (and the Beauty Bazaar) to launch its new concealer.

Trend Studio Liverpool

Warehouse shows its Spring/Summer collection in Camp and Furnace – a more hipster direction for the girly brand?

The Liver Birds

LOVE Magazine shows Liverpool in a new light

Poster Girls and Boys

Spending more time on their posters than their policies.

Mum’s the word

Shit, Mother’s Day is on Sunday. Better send it Special Delivery.

Friday Night Street Style: Modo

“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the neon strip lighting” – Wilde, 2013.

Library Pictures

Having fun isn’t hard when you’ve got a library card.

Everything Everything at the O2 Academy

“But I’m coming alive” at an Everything Everything gig

FAO Boyfriends: How To Buy Lingerie

If you’re going to get into someone’s pants, make sure they’re the right ones.

Wednesday Night Street Style: Medication

Got drunk, remembered my phone had a camera circa 2am.

Monday Night Street Style: On The Raz

It’s the first weekday night after exams, so here’s what you wore to drink fat frogs

Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar Masterclass

Daniel Sandler has given makeovers to Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, and Rachel Weisz. Are you next?

The Student Wardrobe: Jeans

What to wear when everything else is in the wash.

The Student Wardrobe: The Scarf

Wear with everything, goes with nothing; The Tab looks at how to style your scarf.

Campus street style

The Tab teams up with Liverpool Uni Fashion Society to scout out the best-dressed students on campus

Outfit Of The Day (and that’s it)

Ever get that feeling of déjà vû?

The Student Wardrobe: The Christmas Jumper

The humble (or ugly?) festive jumper is the first to be featured in The Tab’s “The Student Wardrobe” series.

Liverpool Fashion Week

Scouse style: big lashes, big buns, big heels, and more confidence than that lad who just won’t give up.

Who did it better: pimps or hoes?

Carnage Liverpool is a rite of passage for the city’s students, and the t-shirt challenge gives every individual the chance to release their inner fashion darling.