Rachel Crocker

If the Clemson Tigers were your husband

We’ve all been thinking about it

We asked Tiger fans at the Blood Bowl what they’d do to win Saturday

Anything, literally anything

Clemson and USC are going head to head in the annual Blood Bowl

We are out for blood

Milo Yiannopoulos, go back to Europe, Clemson doesn’t need your shit

He said ‘feminism is cancer’

KKK targets Clemson in a recruitment drive: ‘We are very much still relevant’

There were two other racist incidents on campus

An honest emotional diary of the Tigers’ win over Louisville

We’ve been exhausted all weekend

Clemson boys are the least romantic humans on earth

Tigers on Tinder, kittens in real life

Poll: Should Milo Yiannopoulos speak at Clemson?

We want you to tell us your opinions

The Ten Commandments of Clemson Football

Because for Tigers Football is a second religion

You can count yourself lucky if you grew up in the American South

You aren’t getting out of here without learning a few manners first

Charleston, SC is by far the best vacation spot

Don’t forget to visit the legendary Rainbow Row

Clemson ranked 21st best value college in America, says TIME

We’re just killin’ it this year

An explanation of the most common Southernisms you’ll hear

Basically, this is all the ways we insult people in a nice way

I asked a Northerner to list all of the stereotypes she knew about the South

And it went exactly like you’d expect it to

Clemson is one of the most sleep deprived schools in America

Where are my coffee addicts?

Clemson taught me to love diversity

‘I was raised in one way, and I only ever knew that way’

How you know there’s only two weeks left in the semester

When you feel overwhelmed, just go DT

Please stop repeating your themed party ideas

Oh goody, another Hawaiian theme

Don’t tell me depression is a selfish disease

‘You don’t understand what is going on in my head’

I’m so obsessed with Kesha, I dyed my hair bright pink and blue

It cost $250 and five hours of my life to fix it

We made it: The Tab is here

We’re adding a little bit of red (not garnet) to Clemson