Dom Olivera
Dom Olivera
Campus Editor, The Tab Princeton

Ted Cruz ’92 got hosed three times from Tower when he was at Princeton

Good call, Tower

Extremely thirsty snow message found outside Whitman

Someone send him some nudes

Princeton reaches agreement with DoJ after attempted suicide suit

The Justice Department has finished their nearly two year review

Tributes to be paid to Princeton sophomore found dead in dorm

Wonshik Shin was found passed away this morning

BREAKING: Men’s Swimming and Diving season suspended

The material was “vulgar and offensive”

You can see everyone’s USG Winter election encrypted ballot

This could breach confidentiality

Eisgruber: Princeton will NOT become a sanctuary campus

‘This concept has no basis in law’

Female student groped last night on University Place

PSafe are appealing for witnesses

A Princeton professor explains how the future will remember this election

‘All the signs suggest it won’t be a pretty picture’

An ode to Craig Mazin: The only good thing to come out of this awful election

And Princeton’s best alum on Twitter

Princeton has the worst party scene out of any Ivy League school

According to a new ranking

Princeton ranked favorite to win Ivy League Men’s Basketball this year

Brown is last

Princeton is the highest ranked Ivy for graduate salary


Malcolm Gladwell thinks Woodrow Wilson protesters ‘didn’t have a good argument’

‘Lots of people in this world are harmed by racism, but not undergraduates at Princeton’

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Who’s got your vote?

Cap follows Charter and starts using consent pledges at parties

They’re the second club to do it

This Princeton club is handing out consent pledges on the door of parties

You have to read them to get inside

Princeton ranked the safest town in the Ivy League

We’re ninth in the country

Princeton destroys Yale in college rankings

Congrats, Class of 2020! You picked the right school

Every kind of person who goes on Princeton tours

Some people really want to be there. Others, not so much