Phoebe Libbish
Fashion Editor of The Tab Edinburgh

An Edinburgh student has started a petition to refund tuition fees due to strikes

It has over 3000 signatures

Edinburgh’s Clubbers of the week – Valentine’s Edition

Edi’s getting steamy and creamy

‘A safe haven for every kind of music lover’: What to expect from a night at Lost

Imagine Creme Soda’s massive older brother

Edinburgh singles of the week – the Valentine’s Day value pack edition

‘Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, don’t know about you but I just want to screw’

PSA: The library cafe and DHT have scrapped the £5 minimum spend on cards


The guide to every generic Edinburgh date – in starter pack form, of course

Just in time for V-Day

Clubbers of the Week

Staff wars: the education system strikes back

We spoke to Edi students to find out what they really think about the month-long staff strikes

‘At least we get to go to Cheltenham’

It’s 2018, people need to stop hating on Ugg Boots

Vive la UGG-ly shoe!

We had a DMC with Capital FM DJ Marvin Humes about why he loves Edinburgh

He’s coming back just for Teviot’s nachos

What your Edinburgh Christmas market delicacy says about your general vibe

If it’s a Nutella crepe you’re basic af

Warning! Several Edi exams are being relocated

This is the latest development in the heating crisis

Okay so don’t panic but Edinburgh’s getting a Harry Potter themed bar

Accio all the gin

Clubbers of the Week

Deadlines are over and so is our sobriety

The Australian rugby team were training in the Edinburgh Uni gym this morning

A g’day indeed

Marvin Humes is now a resident DJ at LOVE Wednesdays at Why Not

#tbt he’s the fit one from JLS

PSA: There’s a giant adults-only ball pit coming to Edinburgh

Did I mention it comes with prosecco

Police officer stabbed at Edinburgh College this morning

A suspect is due to appear in court tomorrow

Edinburgh ranked amongst the top ten musical cities in the world

Finally some credit for more than just the Proclaimers

Clubbers of the Week

We all got absolutely Ophelia-ed