Phoebe Luckhurst
National Editor

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has given the majority of his frontbench team roles to women

Love ya

From tomorrow you could get seven years in jail for dealing laughing gas

What will people do in the Stone Circle

The “chillin, meetin, tourin, votin” poster proves that politicians can’t speak to young people

It’s like a The Thick of It sketch

The one that fights every night out – and all the other annoying couples you will know


Emma Watson is in a new Beauty and the Beast film and it’s not a cartoon

If Lumiere’s not a candlestick what’s the point

Are these the most pointless Uber journeys ever?

Mate it’s just down the road

Veganism has risen by 350 per cent in the last decade

Sorry do you have any soy milk

Glasgow has the most irresistible accent in the UK

Ahm just mad wae it

Study finds that magic mushrooms can remedy severe depression

It lifted the moods of all of the volunteers

A Polish couple in their 70s went to Fabric this weekend

Clubbing isn’t just for young people

They’re banning 10-packs of cigarettes on Friday

Mate it’s my last one

We took SATs to see if they’re really that hard

‘What on earth is a modal verb?’

A petition saying women shouldn’t have to wear high heels at work will be debated in Parliament

It’s hit 100,000 signatures

The new Calvin Klein underwear advert isn’t OK

It’s an upskirt shot

Alex Mytton from Made in Chelsea has made a video making fun of girls in summer

Guys he thinks we’re basic

New study shows that narcissists and psychopaths like to stay friends with their exes

‘Hey what’s up’

I was stalked on public transport

‘He told my boyfriend he had been watching me’

Tesco has launched an avocado spread

Sure, it’s probably a waste of packaging

New Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has called Donald Trump ‘ignorant’

The American has suggested banning Muslims from the US

How someone with ADD feels at work

‘Sometimes, things seem like they’re moving very slowly, when they’re not’