Phoebe Luckhurst
National Editor

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has given the majority of his frontbench team roles to women

Love ya

From tomorrow you could get seven years in jail for dealing laughing gas

What will people do in the Stone Circle

The “chillin, meetin, tourin, votin” poster proves that politicians can’t speak to young people

It’s like a The Thick of It sketch

The one that fights every night out – and all the other annoying couples you will know


Emma Watson is in a new Beauty and the Beast film and it’s not a cartoon

If Lumiere’s not a candlestick what’s the point

Are these the most pointless Uber journeys ever?

Mate it’s just down the road

Veganism has risen by 350 per cent in the last decade

Sorry do you have any soy milk

Glasgow has the most irresistible accent in the UK

Ahm just mad wae it

Study finds that magic mushrooms can remedy severe depression

It lifted the moods of all of the volunteers

A Polish couple in their 70s went to Fabric this weekend

Clubbing isn’t just for young people

They’re banning 10-packs of cigarettes on Friday

Mate it’s my last one

We took SATs to see if they’re really that hard

‘What on earth is a modal verb?’

A petition saying women shouldn’t have to wear high heels at work will be debated in Parliament

It’s hit 100,000 signatures

The new Calvin Klein underwear advert isn’t OK

It’s an upskirt shot

Alex Mytton from Made in Chelsea has made a video making fun of girls in summer

Guys he thinks we’re basic

New study shows that narcissists and psychopaths like to stay friends with their exes

‘Hey what’s up’

I was stalked on public transport

‘He told my boyfriend he had been watching me’

Tesco has launched an avocado spread

Sure, it’s probably a waste of packaging

New Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has called Donald Trump ‘ignorant’

The American has suggested banning Muslims from the US

How someone with ADD feels at work

‘Sometimes, things seem like they’re moving very slowly, when they’re not’

There is a petition to put a suffragette statue outside the Houses of Parliament

Emma Watson, Caitlin Moran and J.K. Rowling have already signed

There’s (yet) another taxi app going to war with Uber

This one’s like Skyscanner for taxis

Oxford University enforces real-life trigger warnings before lectures

Students can leave if they worry that the content will be ‘distressing’

‘We don’t talk now’: Cautionary tales of sleeping with your friends

Yeah, you ruined everything

Sadiq Khan ‘has won’ the London mayoral election

It’s basically all wrapped up now

A new study undermines one of Jeremy Hunt’s big arguments for changing junior doctor contracts

‘Extending services is not going to save any more lives’

‘I tore up the rose she’d sent’: The secret stories from your most awkward break-ups

Confessions of relationships that went wrong

There’s going to be an investigation into sexist advertising

Reaction to the Protein World ads highlighted a need for change

Prince Harry just made a joke about how he’d never be king

We all know what it’s like to be the less popular sibling

Louis Theroux’s latest documentary shows he is the best filmmaker in the world

Louis <3

Dating app Bumble is trying to put an end to ghosting

And ‘racking up’ matches you don’t reply to

Women are building an interactive map to mark where they’ve been sexually assaulted

It’s a nationwide campaign

There is a test to determine whether you have ADHD

You can do it online

The musician Prince has died at the age of 57

US news site TMZ broke the news at around 5.50pm

The constant public comparisons of women’s bodies are driving me insane

Today, the Daily Mail has pitched Kate Moss against Naomi Campbell

A government jobs website was advertising roles that pay below the national living wage


Glasgow’s much more than a ‘grim housing estate’

That’s a rude and insensitive slur about an excellent city

There is an app that can replace the pill and it’s just as effective

It was invented by a Nobel Prize-winning scientist

There is a new trailer for the next Harry Potter film

It’s set in New York and stars Eddie Redmayne

I’m a vegetarian but PETA doesn’t speak for me

The latest campaign is the end of my sympathy

David Cameron just said he likes watching Glasto at home in front of a warm fire

It’s in June hun

Everything you’ll learn when you run a marathon

Sure, you’ll talk about it

The science behind why you look hotter in group pics

It’s called the Cheerleader Effect

Someone has invented a tampon you can have in during sex

20,000 people have signed up to try it

The Leave campaign has taken the lead in EU polls and it could be our fault

Only half of 18 – 34 year olds say they’re certain to vote

Justin Trudeau is totally perfect

Never change

David Cameron has a pair of Union Jack Beats by Dre headphones

He wore them on his holidays

I spoke to feminist porn director Erika Lust about how she’s changing the industry

‘Women won’t get anywhere if we can’t create our own stories about sex’

A York University graduate took a photo with the hijacker of the EgyptAir plane

26-year old Ben Innes sent messages to friends this morning

‘I left teaching because it was stifling to be monitored 24/7’

‘It makes you continuously nervous’

There’s a petition to stop David Cameron from coming back from his holiday

Bit harsh

Some teachers literally laughed in the education secretary’s face

Some yelled “rubbish” at her

Hey Spice Girls, you should definitely have a reunion

Yo I’ll tell you what we want what we really really want

Watch Ben Affleck’s face crumple when he hears the bad reviews of Batman vs Superman

He looks haunted

Hot people are friends with hot people

Tag your mates

There’s a new Bridget Jones trailer

It’s disappointing

George Osborne laughed when he was asked to apologise to disabled for funding cuts

Well at least he’s having fun

Eating less meat could save 5.1 million lives every year

And loads of money

Brussels: First-person accounts from the Belgian capital

‘I refuse to live my life in fear’

Justin Bieber asked a fan to put his hair in a ponytail during a concert

U ok hun

It’s the first day of spring

These are all the things you’re about to start doing

Starbucks will now offer a 50p discount if you bring your own cup

That’s almost as cheap as a McDonald’s coffee

They came up with a new way to smuggle booze into festivals and clubs

It’s definitely pitched at girls

Imagining if George Osborne were your dad

He wouldn’t play catch, that’s for sure

They scrapped the tampon tax – now start giving them out for free in loos

It would be like a utopia

How to get out of a boring conversation at a party

Omg I just saw my mate

Can you still pass GCSE Maths?

I did way worse

What Budget Day is like if you’re a normal person called George Osborn

Spelling’s different, but that doesn’t stop the haters

I asked Robert Peston about Trump, Corbyn and if our generation is screwed

‘Very troubling’

Find out if you’re in the one per cent of people with a photographic memory

Now’s your chance to know the truth

Someone’s made a video about living in Dalston

People are calling it ‘nauseating’

Tesco is giving all its unsold food to charity

Every little helps

Calling anorexia narcissism doesn’t help anyone

The mental health crisis isn’t about vanity

There is a website that simulates the experience of dyslexia

It made me feel dizzy

Being the eldest child is definitely the best

‘Shotgun front seat’

They’re being a bit joyless about the Night Tube

Tfl expecting a ‘rowdy’ environment

Zayn Malik has released a new single and it’s better than his other one

They’re calling it his Zingle

Men now know stuff they didn’t know about women and they are LOVING IT

‘Caitlin Moran is a godsend’ – all men

An MP criticised Jeremy Hunt for his ‘kamikaze’ approach to junior doctors

She says he’s destroying staff morale

Topshop cleaners complain that they are being paid ‘poverty wages’

A union is planning a protest for Saturday

There was a conference on a private island about how to stop Donald Trump

The CEO of Apple was there

International Women’s Day is condescending

I just think we should aim for equality every day

David Beckham is Britain’s nicest man

Don’t ever change

New data shows our generation can expect to be poor, homeless and single for ages

The Guardian has unearthed some figures about ‘millennials’

Sure, it’s a bit joyless to ban exclamation marks

But I’d never go out with anyone who uses them in texts

Young people have plenty of reasons to be optimistic – so cheer up, guys

A study says we’re all horrible pessimists

The group Anonymous has allegedly hacked Donald Trump’s voicemails

Hackers and activists seem to have leaked messages to a US news site

Don’t laugh at the poor vegetarians who eat meat by accident

I was drunk, OK?

Women are sharing the postcodes of the locations in which they were sexually assaulted

They’re using the hashtag #WECount

My sibling has a better name than me

And I’ll always be a bit bitter about it

There’s an app called LikeSo to help you erase the word ‘like’ from your speech

But who even uses ‘like’ any more?

Some politicians want you to call your grandmother, now

They’re calling the campaign ‘grab a granny’

It’s 2016 and The Sun has rated the cleavage of some of the actresses at the Oscars

They called it the Titsee Index

The author Louise Rennison has died

She wrote Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging

Cheryl Cole and Liam from 1D’s new relationship is fascinating – and weird

I just cannot look away

It turns out that giving free drinks and cheap entry to girls is illegal

Anyone who does it is violating the Equality Act

People who cut their own hair are life’s real winners

Stop laughing at my fringe

The Rich Kids of London now have their own Instagram account

One of its stars listens to opera while tossing banknotes around his room

Emma Watson has a subscription to a website that teaches people about orgasms – so I checked it out

It’s called OMGYes