Patrick Phillips

Men responsible for violent attack in SU bar jailed for two years

Three friends punched and kicked man who objected to them chatting up his girlfriend

Students warned to stay off the tracks after tragic death

Campaign warns students not to use railway lines as a shortcut

Aliens target the Welsh: Ufologist warns that inter-dimensional aliens are abducting locals

According to a Ufologist, Aliens are targeting the Cardiff area as part of an eugenics programme…

Cardiff’s worst night out

Someone who didn’t get into university once assured us that ‘Cardiff is the best night out in England’.

What do you mean it’s Valentine’s Day?

It’s nearly here Tab readers… St Triffon’s day is almost upon us and we hope you’re as excited as we are!!!

‘Uni Camping’: The Tab tries it rough

The Tab’s search for the best places to sleep rough on campus

Freshers: are we really that bad? No is the answer

Rapey boys, loudmouth girls, up themselves brats? Actually we’re the friendliest people around!