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Again with the emails

A white man peed on The Diag after UMich student kneeled for 21 hours

The man is unidentified

President Schlissel addresses racism on UMich campus

Schlissel sent out an email to the staff and student body following a violent protest

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Don’t worry freshies, we’ve all been there

UMich ranked in top 25 best universities in the whole world

Honestly not surprised ’cause if ya haven’t heard—we’re the victors

University of Michigan women speak out against the subtle sexism they experience every day

I am not a girl, I am a WOMAN

Gameday at the Big House as told by Spongebob


Sexually speaking, the University of Michigan is the safest campus in the country

Cause sexual health is important

Baits is a living hell, so this incoming freshman started a GoFundMe to move to Central Campus housing

North Campus is scary, I don’t blame him

The United States needs to get it together and have official siesta time

Siesta now, fiesta later

Michigan is offering free tuition to low-income students

Because everyone deserves an education

Driverless buses come to Michigan campus

Maybe I’ll actually want to go to north campus now

Every kind of Snapchat story you see from your friends over summer break

If you’re not Snapchatting every second of summer, what are you doing?

Michigan ranked within top 100 universities in the world

Hail yeah

Immigration agents went into a diner, ate breakfast and then detained three of the staff

‘If you’re at the wrong place at the wrong time, you can still be at risk’

Frat guys from Michigan tell us what they really think about the RompHim

Imagine walking around campus and seeing guys in a RompHim

Watch the Red Hot Chili Peppers play the Michigan fight song at OSU

Looks like my favorite band just got better

The best brunch spots in Ann Arbor

‘Cause we all know brunch is the best meal of the day

We asked if our parents knew what 4/20 was

Plot twist, it’s not just a fraction.

Pornhub grants $25k scholarship to University of Michigan student

A scholarship to be proud of?

I’m heartbroken over Burgerfi closing and don’t know how to handle it

I wasn’t ready to say goodbye

New additions to Michigan Union after upcoming renovation WAY better than we could have dreamed

Gonna be better than hanging at the Ugli

Joe Biden’s viral video has an important message

‘The correct word for sex without consent is rape. Period’

Overheard Michigan: Everything you’ll hear during your four years as a Wolverine

Where’s my Goose?

Michigan beats Louisville and moves on to Sweet Sixteen

Probably an upset for a few of your March Madness brackets

All the St. Patty specials happening tomorrow at your favorite bars

So you can strategically plan out your day tomorrow

Classes canceled in buildings affected by power outages across campus

Students are advised to avoid elevators

Every kind of L you’ve taken on nights out

Admit it, you’ve been there too

Prayer rugs in Ugli vandalized

Rugs used for prayer by Islamic students were reportedly urinated on.

Free Insomnia cookies in the Union tomorrow

Yeah, I’m about that.

Sorry to break it to you, but this is how many calories are actually in your most loved Ann Arbor bites

Some are scary

Andy Slavitt reveals what new insurance plans won’t cover

At least what Minnesota won’t cover.

Things every Michigan student should be looking forward to in 2017

2016 is over (finally) so here’s what’s coming at ya

This three-year-old sang the fight song to FSU players as they checked into their hotel

Proof no one is too young to understand that Michigan is the best

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Because no one wants to answer the dreaded ‘What’s your major?’

Every type of person you’ll see at UM during Finals Week

The Ugli can get pretty ugly

Michigan rallies support for OSU following attack

A few tasteless tweets do not represent this university

Michigan ranked second best student life in the nation

Are we surprised?

How UMich actually reacted to Donald Trump’s victory

Regardless of how you voted, it’s evident that this campus is struggling

Your cheat sheet to Election Day at Michigan

Voting for dummies

Coach Harbaugh claims MSU fans were yelling ‘Love Jim Harbaugh’

Lesson of the day: how to troll a bunch of trolls

Over 400 UMich Housing staff marched in protest of offensive flyers Monday night

To show their solidarity in regard to the anti-Black, anti-LGBTQ and anti-Islam flyers around campus

Michigan didn’t even play football last weekend and still got #3 spot in AP ranking

Hail yeah we did

A message to my fellow Wolverines who are voting for Trump

We need to talk…

An ode to Sava’s

Because I’m basic

Students and administration react to racist fliers posted on campus


Young ladies of UMich, wear what you want

In response to HuffPo’s ‘Young ladies of the SEC, cover it up!’

Everything to expect at your first Michigan frat party

Good luck, freshies

Michigan ranked one of top 20 universities in the world

I mean, obviously

What I learned my freshman year

Going away from home for college allowed me to become who I wanted to be

Why is everyone so obsessed with Fitbits?

The fad is real

How an LA girl created a new home at Umich

I still miss the sunshine though

Ways to treat yo’self on Valentine’s Day

Doesn’t mean I’m lonely ’cause I’m alone

Tips and tricks for navigating the Umich dining hall scene

All dining halls were not created equal