Paul Kennedy
Belfast Editor of The Tab

The Christmas market was evacuated last night after someone was stabbed

The man in his 40s is in a serious condition

A definitive list of every Northern Irish stereotype

Pure gutted if you’re from Larne

McGregor comes to El Divino this Saturday

‘You’ll do f*cking nuttin’!’

Hardly anyone at Queen’s has been to a consent class

Only eight per cent of students asked attended

How Ireland reacted to Donald Trump becoming the next President

Anyone that took this election remotely seriously needs a slap in the bake

There’s a polar vortex headed toward NI, and it’s probably going to snow

As if Trump wasn’t bad enough

Thursdaze to run a ‘F*ck homelessness’ party

Maybe some charity will help us all feel better about the whole Trump thing

Which Belfast takeaway has the lowest hygiene rating?

Find out who got a zero

180,000 people are going to Mass on Sunday, here are the best posts so far

Mass every weekend

Ashers Bakery loses ‘Gay Cake’ appeal

They were told not making a gay wedding cake was discrimination

Petition calls for New Year’s Eve party in Shaftesbury Square

Another step on Shaftesbury’s journey to becoming Times Square

Police set dogs on ‘killer clowns’ in Belfast

A group of them were jumping in front of traffic in South Belfast

What’s on this week in Belfast

From Live Dance music to street art and everything in between

Everything that will happen at Thompsons, not that you’ll remember it

How many numbers will you have in your phone by the end?

There’s no other place in the world like Limelight

Chocolate tequila anyone?

Belfast’s best clubbers of the week: Freshers’ edition

Because stuff your degree

Police are investigating students in the Holylands telling Roma residents to ‘go back home’

Absolutely no time for this

Queen’s in the top 250 universities in the world

Pretty good for us

Queen’s announces plans to ditch Sociology

Not this again

Culture Night is Belfast’s jewel in its crown

Better than any old tribal tradition