Octavia Sheepshanks
Octavia’s majestic daily life has been meticulously well-documented in a diary that she has kept since the age of six. Featuring early musings on types of peas (‘big’, ‘tiny’ and ‘trodden on’), through years of boy-related, angst-ridden monologues (‘Ok – here’s plan. If he texts, no let’s be positive, WHEN…

Tab Guide to Jailbreak

OCTAVIA SHEEPSHANKS shares her worldly wisdom on Jailbreak – what to wear, who to target, why you should be doing it.

Tab Tries Tinder

OCTAVIA SHEEPSHANKS went on a mission to find a date on Tinder. This is what happened

The Tab Guide To Becoming A BNOC

Our infamous ex-columnist OCTAVIA SHEEPSHANKS returns with the inside track on becoming a BNOC

Octavia Sheepshanks: Week 8

In her final column, OCTAVIA reveals all about her true identity…

Octavia Sheepshanks: Week 7

In her seventh column, OCTAVIA expounds the virtues of her favourite novel. And James Blake.

Octavia Sheepshanks: Week 6

OCTAVIA has a message for Scott Pilgrim…

Octavia Sheepshanks: Week 5

OCTAVIA is back, and this week, she talks about the diary she’s kept since the age of 6.

Octavia Sheepshanks: Week 4

This week, OCTAVIA turns her attention to the world of dreams.

Octavia Sheepshanks: Week 3

This week, OCTAVIA talks mood swings, mouthwash and her new man.

Octavia Sheepshanks: Week 2

In her second column, OCTAVIA gives her views on the baffling world of dating.

Octavia Sheepshanks: Week 1

OCTAVIA wants us all to stop trying to be so darn individual!