Nadia Schmidt
Head of Marketing

UNC’s very own rock band Left on Franklin will release new music August 1st

‘From the Rafters’ will be available on Spotify, SoundCloud and iTunes

Three NC breweries are backing ‘Don’t Be Mean to People’ beer in response to HB2

They’re calling it the ‘golden rule’ beer

Junior the husky and Hamilton the hedgehog are this week’s big pets on campus

Maybe you’ll see Hamilton the hedgehog at He’s Not Pint Night

SBP hopeful Bradley Opere talks big goals, YoPo and feeling the beat

He describes himself as daring, caring and innovative

Freshman Lee Mook is the most talented linguist at UNC

He founded Carolina Language Communities this fall

Two of Moe’s biggest fans are already in line for the opening

‘We brought wine – not sure if we’re allowed to drink it or not’

Silent Sam ‘vandalized again’

Claim ahead of weekend rally

What would you say to Donald Trump if you had the chance?

Yo Donald, you want some ice with that ‘bern?’

UNC introducing free Uber rides for all students

Just use your ‘live’ email

Meet Bazanji, UNC’s aspiring rapper and dentist

‘Honestly, I never thought I would be where I am right now’