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Niamh Campbell

Blonde, 21-year-old English student. Conspiracy theorist. Huge tea enthusiast. Oh, and I like writing about things... Clearly.

‘Botanic girl’ breaches bail within two days

The 17 year old appeared in Belfast Magistrates’ Court after violating a prohibition on drinking alcohol

St Paddy’s Day 2017: A Success?

Now that the dust has settled and it’s been nearly a week since St. Paddy’s, let’s take some time to reflect upon this year’s events and the media mumbo jumbo in the weeks leading up to the 17th

High demand for Bucky Easter Eggs

The future is now people. After numerous jokes about their production in previous years, Buckfast Easter eggs are actually here, and they’re the real deal.

Holylands set to have a secure makeover

Security gates could forge a new era for the lands

Thousands gathered in front of Belfast City Hall for Orlando vigil

It was in honour of those killed in the early hours of June 12th

Enda Dolan’s family are appealing the ‘disgustingly short’ sentence of his killer

Three and a half years is ‘unduly lenient’

Everyone you’ll see on the 9am walk to the PFC

They’re more often than not the drunk ones to be fair

Yik Yak users falsify drug-related death of QUB male on Carmel street

The responses are spiralling out of control

Man found guilty in court of robbing Queen’s student at knifepoint

The jury took less than an hour to deliberate

My battle with bulimia: Eight years on and stronger than ever

Eating made me feel so guilty I would cry

The inevitable rules of going out during Freshers

Boking in Limelight is nothing to be ashamed of

On yer bike: Belfast gets bikes years after most other cities

Have you had a ride yet?

The Holylands are full of ‘boozing student hordes’ and that’s the way we like it

The Belfast Telegraph told us off – this is our response

How to pull off the perfect walk of shame

More like the stride of pride

The Vengaboys came, and they conquered

The blonde one was heavily pregnant

History Repeating Itself: Christmas crime spate strikes student area

Students warned to be extra vigilant over the holidays as crime erupts in the Holylands.

Brave second year catches burglar after he stole laptop from her bed while she was sleeping

Dunluce Avenue have-a-go hero chases Ketamine-addled burglar down the stairs

Basically everyone at QUB is sick right now

It’s the time of year that everyone gets sick. (Hangovers don’t count)

Sober October: A drunkard’s tale

Some people assume that not drinking for a month isn’t that big of a deal – These people are wrong

Buckfast v Chardalusco: Which super-strength booze should you resort to now you’ve run out of money?

It’s the Battle of the Pre

Holylands Hell: arsonists wreck Freshers Week in torching spree

One student says ‘I’m moving back in with my mummy’ after thugs burn her yellow Mini