Natasha Preskey

Natasha Preskey


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Cheating Survey Results: Why you should be afraid of the LCR

Have the students of UEA been playing around?

The Tab’s Cheating Survey is Back

How faithful are we at UEA? Take the Tab’s Cheating Survey to help us find out.

UEA Promises Just One Exam Per Day and Earlier Timetables

UEA makes major changes to the way exams are organised following a student campaign.

How to… Survive Third Year

The Tab offers advice on how to combat the final year blues…

Greg James to Open New Campus Shop

UEA’s favourite alumni will open the new Union ‘Mega Shop’ tomorrow.

Exam Season Sex Survey Results

Is sex the ultimate procrastination method or is revision just a massive cockblock? The Tab reveals all…

UEA pages ditched in national Facebook cull

UEA Rate Your Shag and UEA tell him/her have been removed by Facebook.

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis to holiday in Norfolk

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis may be as little as 11.2 miles away from you this week, enjoying the sunshine on the Norfolk Broads.

Take The Tab’s exam season sex survey

Is taking matters into your own hands the best way to keep your mind on your textbooks? Take the Tab’s anonymous survey to help us find out!

Teen Vandals Steal 1000 Condoms from UEA Safe Sex Station

Vandalism and theft of over a thousand condoms from the Hive’s Safe Sex Station has forced the scheme to be stopped.

Tab Tries: Laser Society

We team up with Laser Soc as they take on great rivals Assassins in the Quasar Arena.

Uni launches campaign to catch the phishers

A new campaign warns against the dangers of phishing emails as The Tab talks to a student who had her loan stolen by a scam.

UEA Mourns Popular Big Issue Seller

Chris Hart, a popular campus Big Issue seller for ten years, has died.

Campus bank to close

UEA’s Natwest branch will close in February to be replaced by another bank.

Cheap Weekly Organic Food Sale Launches In The Hive

One of UEA’s green societies launches a sale where students can buy cheaper organic foods…

Cheating Survey: The Results

Find out how likely UEA students are to throw away their long term love in the LCR…

Take The Tab’s Cheating Survey

Are we all about commitment, or likely to throw away our long-term love in the LCR…?

Council proposals could result in club closures across the city

Proposals to cut drinking hours could result in the closure of clubs not situated in the Prince of Wales or Riverside areas…

Head of the Press Complaints Commission gives Post-Leveson talk at UEA

The head of the PCC visits UEA to offer his take on the Leveson Report.

UEA No Longer Norwich’s Only University

Norwich will soon be home to two Universities…

Wanted: Tab Columnists

Become a columnist at the Tab!

Students Scrub Campus Bank in Quirky Protest

Did you see a group of students scrubbing Natwest in boiler suits yesterday? Find out why…

How to… Survive a Nightmare Flat

Drawn the short straw with your flatmates? Here’s The Tab’s guide to making it through…

Freshers Week Survey: Are non-drinkers left out?

Did you enjoy your first week? Did you have nightmare flatmates? Did you leave your Freshers tickets at home? Or is it all just a blur of Ring of Fire and ‘Down it Fresher’?

Are you doing a "Mickey Mouse" Degree?

Ever been asked why you’re not doing a "real" degree?

How to… Survive a Night at the LCR

How to tolerate a night at UEA’s delightful Student Union…