Nadia Elgaddal

Nadia Elgaddal
Warwick University


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I tried to get 1,000 TikTok followers in one week and wow, it was savage

What does Charli D’Amelio have that I don’t?

EXCLUSIVE: Rolf, the beloved campus cat, has been banned from campus

Maybe Warwick is more of a dog person?

Over 1400 Warwick students sign open letter demanding flexibility with assessments

‘This environment is mentally challenging and not one where we can put our minds towards studies’

‘They can’t ignore us any longer’: Warwick staff on why strikes are important

‘Collectivise and stand in solidarity’

16 ways to spot a southerner at uni: A guide

They couldn’t make a decent cuppa if they tried

Warwick staff confirmed to strike in weeks nine and 10

Lecturers are set to walk out over pensions, pay and working conditions

Hundreds of Warwick students are calling for an Israeli Defence Force speaker event to be cancelled

233 students and academics have signed the statement to stop the event going ahead

Jewish students ‘disappointed’ about Warwick’s response to ‘antisemitic’ lecturer

They said ‘antisemitism is not up for debate’

Warwick professor accused of spreading antisemitic ideas in lectures

She described claims of antisemitism in the Labour Party as an “Israeli lobby kind of idea”

Warwick security take down Post-it note pig amidst claims of racism

It was on the piazza for just a few hours

Breaking: Rootes Grocery have released a vegan sausage roll!

Greggs, who?

Kings and queens of Halloween: It’s Warwick’s best dressed!

They’re so spooky, you’ll, like, totally drop your pumpkin spice latte

New photo reveals extent of damage inside Sherbourne halls

It’s not looking great, people

Watch: The moment a fire broke out in Sherbourne last night

Students are claiming a ceiling was ‘burnt down’ in the blaze

Pret is opening on campus THIS FRIDAY

And they’re giving out FREE food and drink vouchers

Quiz: Which classic Warwick night out are you?

Please, please be POP!

Warwick is replacing Circuit Laundry and we tried the new machines out

They’re certainly functional

This Business School Society promo video is the most Warwick thing ever

Was the horse really necessary?

Warwick makes the top 10 universities in the UK, according to new rankings

Take that, Bristol!

Time to start saving your pennies! POP! prices are going up

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse

The Warwick Tab is looking for writers and we want YOU

You don’t need any experience at all

Copper Rooms manager says he’s ‘sick of the words anxiety and depression’ in Facebook post

He also said: ‘Get a fucking grip on life’

Warwick year abroad students won’t be guaranteed campus accommodation

They’ll have to enter a ballot instead

Goodbye Costa! Warwick is getting a Pret

If you listen closely, you can hear your bank account trembling

Here are all the best places to nap at Warwick, tried and tested

Absolutely no-one asked. One brave Tab writer answered.

Is it lunchtime? Because this year’s Warwick Rowers are the tastiest snacks yet

Yum, yum, delish!

Which MAMA MIA! song is your Warwick halls?

You know the drill by now

Everything you’ll know if you’ve dropped out and re-applied to uni

An step-by-step guide to ruining (and eventually salvaging) your life

I had a breakdown two weeks into uni, and here’s why that’s okay

Why does nobody ever talk about this?

We took our Edi flatmate who’s scared of clowns to watch ‘It’ – the clown horror film

It was not very (Penny)wise