Monica Mellon
Monica Mellon

Temple TV and PRowl want to make your wish come true before graduation

Start tweeting #CHERRYANDWISH

Simple costumes are okay, unless you’re a ‘basic’ cat

It may be simple but, hey, you’re dressed up

Pennsylvania schools said to report more crime than almost every other state

So I guess that means we’re really safe, right?

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Connect, create and collaborate

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Ross and Rachel are the worst part of Friends and you know it

No one cares if you were on a break, Ross

We asked Temple students if they’re ready to go back to school yet

Spirits are high

I swapped all of my jeans for men’s jeans and I’m never going back

Death to skinny jeans

A medical expert explains how Philly’s safe injection sites will help our city’s addicts

We have to stop treating addiction as a crime

Meet the Temple computer science student who created his own game

It’s not an easy game to beat, trust me

The best tweets about the reality of summer classes

Take summer classes, they said

Current Temple students answer incoming freshmen’s questions

All the questions you didn’t get to ask on your campus tour

We talked to the dedicated Temple students who spent hours waiting for Trevor Noah tickets

When only 1,000 students get tickets, no one is taking their chances on missing this opportunity

Here’s how many hours Temple students spend studying for finals

Get ready to reserve your seat at the Tech Center

This Temple alum co-founded an online clothing store to help save the elephants

Ten percent of all their proceeds goes towards Save the Elephants

Temple student told to ‘consider withdrawing’ from class by professor after missing midterm with flu

A senior hoping to graduate in May wasn’t allowed to take a make-up midterm despite emailing his teacher in advance and getting three doctors’ notes

Students react to Temple’s meal plan price increase after the Philly Soda Tax

As if dorms weren’t expensive enough

We asked Temple students if they would still want an on-campus stadium

It seems as if we have a torn student body

Citizens protest every Tuesday demanding to be heard by Pennsylvania senator, Pat Toomey

‘I want him to make us feel like he’s really listening and not just a rubber stamp for the administration’

We asked education majors at Temple how they felt about the confirmation of Betsy DeVos

Let’s just say they’re not too thrilled

A ‘Day Without Immigrants’ hits Philly and other cities across America

Businesses around the country honor their immigrant employees by closing, and respecting their absence from work and school