Meredith McCollum

A comprehensive list of everything better than UCLA’s wifi

Our tuition is high enough to have decent WiFi

Danny Siegel enforcer asks us to pull ‘Blood sign’ story claiming it’s ‘instigating gang violence’, despite zero evidence

She also accused students of ‘cyber bullying’

Audience cheers ‘Oprah for President’ during her SuperSoul event at UCLA

She did not, however, give away free tuition money to all audience members

Powell Cat named honorary mascot with statue in its likeness to be put up Fall 2017

The statue will be installed next to the Bruin Bear next school year

Everything is back to normal the morning after the Powell fire

It’s as if it never happened

The Study has finally got chairs for the standing table and everything is right in the world

It’s as though our wildest dreams have been granted

Everything you can do now that BCafe is open till 2am again

Because sometimes you need a sandwich at 1am

UCLA will not send athletes to any states deemed anti-LGBT

The travel ban is in accordance with a new California law

The UCLA meme page returns back to normal after a day of chaos

Breath easy, the name is back and so is Gene Block

UCR Associated Student Council voted to ban hummus because it’s anti-Israel

Is this the biggest issue in the Palestine-Israel debate?

UCLA Dashew Center reaches out to international students after Trump travel ban

If you do have any questions reach out the the Dashew Center

Los Angeles named one of the most fun cities in the world

No surprises here

How election viewing parties at UCLA reacted to Trump’s win

Anger, laughter and disbelief

Five people were mugged at gunpoint in Westwood

The assailant and his accomplice are still at large

UCLA responds as professor accused of sexual harassment returns to campus

His ‘return’ five months ago today coincided with a fellowship in Europe

Hold on to your flipflops UCLA, Obama is coming to Westwood

Let’s pray he’s looking for a place to retire

BREAKING: Armed assailant at large after UCLA kidnapping and carjacking

‘It’s crazy that no one has really even heard about it still’

The High Desert, CA is an unforgettable place to grow up

Otherwise known as growing up in a beloved pile of dirt