Max Harris

Lancaster University Running Club to host Santa fun run

Every participant will receive a Santa hat, medal, mince pie and a bottle of water

Deliveroo is coming to Lancaster


Someone has just proposed on floor C of the library


Can we guess how many people you’ve slept with since starting uni?

Do we know how much you get your freak on?

Which flatmate are you?

Do you make your townhouse a better place?

There is now free platform WiFi at Lancaster station

Modernity is slowly catching up with the North-West

Yik-Yaks of the week

We’ve hit the yak-pot

The 10 Commandments of Sugarhouse

Basically, thou shalt not be a prick

Top Valentine’s places to cry alone on campus

No one loves you

Why everyone should go to uni in the North of England

Maybe not for chips and gravy though

We ranked the best takeaway chips in Lancaster

Flames didn’t come very high

I went on the night-shift with a Lancaster cabbie

It’s £75 if you throw up in the car

What’s the secret to making a perfect Christmas roast?

Seasonings’ greetings

Why you should check out the Lake District

Cheaper than a trip to Sugar

Lancaster pays its respects to Paris

Hundreds of students gathered in Alexandra Square

When did you last have sex and how was it?

You shouldn’t be afraid to talk about sex

What are you listening to right now?

They were all Hotline Bling