Matt Nixon
Matt Nixon

I'm a first year English Lit with C/W student at UEA.

This year’s UEA Jailbreak winners reached Dubai in under 48 hours

Others managed to get as far as Gran Canaria and Italy without spending a penny

A university has literally built a 10ft statue of a deceased dog in the Students’ Union


UEA has built a 10ft statue of Cloud Dog in the Students’ Union

No. Seriously.

Hoozah! You can now fail a non-core module at UEA and not have to retake it

The Undergraduate Education Officer called this ‘a huge win for students’

UEA SU to give out leprechaun hats for Paddy’s Day, even though they banned sombreros

Jo Swo said ‘black or minority ethnic’ dress-up is a problem, not Irish culture

What your favourite library level says about you

If it’s floor two or higher, you’re just here for the view