Matt Clarke

Matt Clarke
Sheffield University


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Sheffield’s best pub quizzes

Matt³ tells you which of Sheffield’s pub quizzes are worth the humiliation.

The Tab’s guide to Western Bank

Go West … The Tab’s step-by-step guide tells you what to do and what not to do in Western Bank.

How to heat your bedroom for 8p a day

Winter is coming … and he’s come up with a nifty solution to keep your bedroom warm without turning on the heating.

Why the strikes aren’t working

Matt Clarke thinks that the lecturer strikes aren’t working because they’re pissing off the wrong people. Lecturers need to galvanise students, not alienate them.

Where’s best to live: Broomhall

Broomhall is so close to everything. You can leave for a lecture with 5 minutes to spare and still get there on time. Provided you don’t get mugged on the way.

Top 10 SU Council Election slogans 2013

Now that the voting’s over, let’s all have a laugh at what some of the candidates said.

Review – Inox Dine

It’s a new ritzy restaurant on the top floor of the Students’ Union. It’s classy and, as a result, it’s not as much of a steel as its name would suggest. But is that such a bad thing?

The Tab’s A-Z of Sheffield – Part Two

More things you’ve heard of. And more things you haven’t. In alphabetical order.

Review – Revolución de Cuba

Cuba is cool. They smoke cigars, the cars are old, and they hate America. This bar on Mappin Street is pretty cool too.

Review – West Street Live

Live music, ‘Schit Bombs’, and Dexys Midnight Runners. What more could you want?

The Tab’s A-Z of Sheffield – Part One

Things you’ve heard of. And things you haven’t. In alphabetical order.

The Tab’s Guide to Freshers’ Week

And we’re off. A little teaser about what we’ve got coming up to help you make the most out of Freshers’ Week.