Matt Boreman

Former Deputy Editor of The Edinburgh Tab

Matt Boreman
Edinburgh University


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Edinburgh student transfers to Heriot-Watt following lack of support after father’s death

Victoria Neill was unsatisfied with the counselling service

School of Economics delays exam due to printing error before presenting students with an unanswerable question

They also released incorrect marks

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White saviour complex is alive and well

Cricket boys are the underdog campus heroes who don’t get the credit they deserve

Summer may be over but the cricket boy is here all year

University of Edinburgh rector Ann Henderson criticised by Edinburgh Labour Students amidst anti-Semitism saga

Henderson is running in the ongoing Labour NEC elections

Forget the rugby lads: Cricket boys make the best boyfriends

This summer is cricket season in more ways than one

Kanye West is this generation’s Walt Disney, and he deserves your respect

‘This generation’s closest thing to Einstein, so don’t worry about me, I’m fine’

Here are all the amazing Edinburgh flats you could afford if you looked a bit further afield

Are they worth the bus journey though?

Robbie Travers is at the NUS Conference advising unknown centrist delegates

‘You don’t tend to get little Rees-Moggs walking round the NUS Conference’

We spoke to the George Square occupiers about what they’re doing and what it’s like living in a lecture theatre

‘Edinburgh University is occupied, Edinburgh University is ours.’

Edinburgh exams may be affected by further strikes as UCU discuss what action to take next

Marking may be boycotted

Edinburgh staff keen to minimise impact on students as second wave of strikes imminent

Boycott of open days was mooted

BREAKING: Edinburgh UCU members set to reject a proposed agreement to end strike action

Exams may well be affected

The mental health policy of one of the EUSA Presidential candidates isn’t up to scratch at all

It needs to be taken more seriously

The definitive list of the best football shirts you can wear away from the five-a-side pitch

If Drake can do it, so can you

Edinburgh Uni staff have every right to be striking, and students should be backing them

Stop whinging, start supporting

I did a no-added sugar diet for a week and surprisingly remained sane

Well, six days if you want to be pedantic

Why Kettle Black is comfortably Sheffield’s most tragic venue

No, it isn’t Corp

Regardless of his past, Edinburgh Uni paying its new Vice Chancellor a £342,000 basic salary is unjustifiable

Peter Mathieson will also receive a £410,000 ‘welcome package’

Applause at the end of lectures is a plague that must be stopped

Please. Stop. Clapping. You. Absolute. Weapons.