Matilda Wnek
Jesus, SPS Quite how Matilda reconciles her carefully cultivated contemptus mundi with a senior role at an online newspaper is a question only she can answer. Her fresher life until she encountered The Tab was punctuated by poetry readings and competitive debating, neither of which was organised through the Facebook account that she definitely does not have. Known for filling her room with fairy lights and making a show of using her typewriter, her life has been described by one cynic as "a journey of realisation that things don't happen like they do in novels." She writes about culture, sex and the Big Society.

Wolfson June Event

MATILDA WNEK manages to keep her evening afloat, but is hardly swept away by an event titanic in name only.

Not About Angels

MATILDA WNEK gets happy about a play that is as well performed as it is crafted.

Romeo and Juliet

MATILDA WNEK finds a story of woe – but an inconsistent one – in an ADC production that hasn’t the vision to take its text all the way.

Anything But (A One-Woman Play)

In the second thrust of her Week 8 double-whammy, MATILDA WNEK glories in a whole hour of just Abi Tedder and a fistful of lolz.

The Tempest

MATILDA WNEK is frustrated by the storytelling strategy of a production that is less than the sum of its parts.


MATILDA WNEK takes childish yet well-articulated delight in devised theatre from beyond the Iron Curtain.

The House We Grew Up In

MATILDA WNEK sees good new writing in the English Faculty Basement. A surprised choir of angels would have descended were they not put off by some iffy direction and performances.

The Duchess of Malfi

A script ill-managed, a play ill-acted. MATILDA WNEK is murdered by monotony.

How Do I Love Thee?

MATILDA WNEK counts the ways in which the poetry anthologies being sold to misguided lovers are perfectly antithetical to romance. Let her steer you back on course with a few helpful suggestions of poems to stick in your lover’s pigeon-hole on Monday

Much Ado About Nothing

MATILDA WNEK revels in the revels of a production which reveals what’s been there all along. Awwww.


According to MATILDA WNEK, this play comes closer to five stars than anything else she’s seen in Cambridge.

Why are people so pessimistic about ‘student theatre’?

MATILDA WNEK: ‘Student theatre’ is dogged with associations of pretension, vacuity, talentless posing and dull or overambitious interpretations of classic texts, much more fiercely than unprofessional versions of other art forms.

Uncovered: Occupation Who’s Who

“They’ve got a legitimate reason to not do work; they’ve got the moral high ground; they’ve even got bloody Scottish dancing.” MATILDA WNEK wonders why you were not at the occupation.

Arabian Nights

MATILDA WNEK: “there’s only so far you can go with a production whose highlight is a crab impression.”

Nigella’s Kitchen

MATILDA WNEK asks ‘Must we create unholy compound nouns for every food group? Are we sure ‘choco-gratification’ earns its place in our immediate lexicon?’