Maddie Angwin

Opinion: Can there be a rebalancing of university admissions without discrimination?

The dominance of white, privately educated men within the university admissions system might soon be a thing of the past

Whats On: May Week Edition

All the information you need to know for May Week, including May Balls and Garden Parties

Preview: The Importance of Being Earnest

Where else is better to put on a play about pretentiousness than in Cambridge, the centre of elitism itself?

Cambridge crowned the eighth best night out in the UK

No, we’re not joking…

Peer Gynt Preview: Mountain King Mania

A glimpse into Ibsen’s unconventional classic, reimagined in an unexpected manner

Unsoiled Preview: A ‘Ploughboy’s anthem’

Don’t miss the ‘mischievous catastrophe’ making its debut at the Corpus Playrooms this week

Heroes Preview: Heart and Hardship in East London

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Halfway Hall or Half-cooked hopes?

High hopes for Halfway Hall were met with an anti-climatic reality.

Review: The Calligrapher

A fascinatingly dark exploration of the veneration of sin: a thought-provoking must-see at the Corpus Playroom

Cambridgeshire labelled as a coronavirus “Enhanced Response Area”

This is due to a rise in case numbers in the area

Fastest sell out ever for Varsity Ski Trip 2021

Ticketbridge right now is every man for themselves…