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Lauren McNamara
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Everything you’re going to miss about Brookes when you graduate

Goodbye old friend

Brookes BNOC of the year: The Final

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for

Hollywood actress Emma Stone is in Oxford RIGHT NOW

She’s filming for her new movie

Hallelujah! Bernie Sanders is doing a talk in Oxford

He’s coming to do a book launch at the Sheldonian

Brookes makes over £3 million profit from its halls of residence every year

And they only want to upgrade the rooms every 25 years

Brookes is officially the eighth most expensive uni in the UK

We spend £3,120 a year on food alone

Look how glorious Brookes is in the spring

Kinda makes you wanna go to JHB

When did Oxford nightlife get so rubbish?

It was fun while it lasted

Bart Kesek tops The Tab Brookes Power List 2017

He’s pretty cool tbh

Meet the grad who did his dissertation in 36 hours, and he got a first

All with a broken leg

What your sports team says about you


The Tab Brookes Power List

Did you make the cut?

The SU were right to ban Tommy Robinson from speaking

We don’t want your views here thanks

EDL founder Tommy Robinson banned from speaking on campus

Brookes Union have shut it down over safety concerns

Who are the worst estate agents at Brookes?

Vote for whoever has fucked you over

We want you to write for the The Tab Brookes this semester

Don’t pretend you’re not tempted

A man in a Vauxhall tried to pick up a Brookes student on Thursday

It happened while she was waiting for a bus in Headington

A man has been charged for the Raleigh Park rape

The 44 year old will appear at the crown court in February

The university have finally issued a statement about our safety after last night’s attack

Our welfare has become more important than the building up traffic

A round up of everything that happened at Brookes in 2016

Someone even went on Take me Out

It’s time someone said it: the JHB should not be open to the public

If you’re not paying nine grand to be here, then get out

Female sports teams should have good lass workshops – they’re just as bad

Why are we ignoring lass culture?

Brookes lecturer assaulted by wife after nasty split

She punched him before trying to run him over with her BMW convertible

Fishy Fingers has been forced to change name due to complaints

It’s now just called ‘Fishies’

Everything that will happen to you on a night out at MNB

Obvs you’ll spend an hour in the smoking area

Voting is now open for the Brookes’ Loosest Halls award


Meet OxFit, Brookes’ newest and cheapest fitness society

They’re all really fit tbh

The SU are campaigning for cheaper food at Brookes

We’re sick of paying £4.50 for a jacket potato

Brookes ranked 69th best uni in the UK

At least it’s an appropriate number for us

Meet this year’s Brookes sports captains

They’re literally always in the sports bar

The Freshers are coming: The best of the Brookes freshers’ groups

They’re young, over excitable and ready for September 2K16

In defence of the Isle of Wight

We’re not a ‘poor, white, inbred ghetto’

Brookes chancellor becomes Britain’s most successful female rower

She’s a CBE, five time Olympic medal winner and six time world champion

Oxford Brookes gets Green Flag awards for the fifth year running

Harcourt Hill and Headington are some of the best green spaces in the UK

Brookes’ BNOC of the year: The final

Ten rounds later

Lola Lo’s is the third worst club in the UK

Nobody can play that much Sean Paul and get away with it

Brookes is the fourth best uni in the country for Art

Hospitality, Event management and Tourism were even third

The SU is running a one off club night and Chipmunk is playing


More students at Brookes took a gap year than any other uni

38 per cent of people went on one

A teenager has been stabbed on Cowley Road

The 18-year-old is fighting for his life in hospital

Gordon Ramsay’s daughter might be coming to Brookes

He said ‘I heard the food is good’

Things I wish people knew about Endometriosis

It affects one in ten women

The Enchanted Garden Ball has been cancelled

And people aren’t happy

Advice to my fresher self

Never miss a Fuzz

Fun, cheap and the best choice: If Brookes were a drink it would be a VK

It’s the drink of champions

A car has crashed through a shop on Cowley Road

it happened about 7am this morning

How to spend May Day this year

The only day you can start pres at 3:30pm

Brookes is in the top 150 new unis in the world

we’re in the ‘elite one percent of global universities’

Stormzy is headlining the May Day Festival

Shut up

Brookes boys cycled to Paris in under 24 hours for Sarcoma UK

They decided do it in a post-fuzzies DMC

Brookes voted in the top 12 unis in the world for a range of subjects

We’re technically classed as ‘elite’ now

Brookes rated 56th in the country for student satisfaction

Not bad for a poly

I tried a Maths exam as an English Language student

There were so many letters it was basically an English paper

Applying for Brookes housing is like a game show

It all comes down to who can sign in quicker

Five storey new student accommodation to be built in Headington

Headington residents are not happy

Meet the Brookes students performing at the Pink Ribbon charity event

They’re raising money for breast cancer

What has happened to Warehouse?

It’s gone off the radar right before second semester

Tonight’s MNB is dedicated to legend David Bowie

It’s called Monday Night Bowie

All the computers in the Forum have shut down without warning

Man never been in JHB when it’s shutdown eh?

Deadlines are extended after suspected cyber attack on WiFi

We’ve got an extra 24 hours

Temperatures set to plummet this weekend as snow warnings issued

Get your mittens out

Put down your clutch, there’s nothing wrong with bum bags

It’s not just for your MDMA

An ode to dressing like a slut on Halloween

I mean it’s just, like, feminism

Boys: How to get a swipe right on Tinder

Don’t put Netflix and chill in your bio

Brookes ranked 324th best university in the WORLD

Gutted for whoever’s 325th

Final year nurse wins top slimming award after losing a massive eight stone

He’s lost the equivalent weight of eight pugs

These dried up acts have resorted to performing at Grad Balls this summer

Nothing says adulthood like Hodor and S Club

The Freshers are coming: The best of the Brookes offer holders Facebook groups

Watch out Oxford, not sure we’re ready

Girls: We’re twice as likely to have a drinking problem if you go to uni


We tried the most alcoholic drinks in Cowley

We went hard (then we went home)

What it’s like to go out with your housemate

You can hear us shagging AND arguing

We spent our night out trying to burn off all the calories we consumed

In case you thought you could dance it off

Brookes’ best dressed: Sports Awards

Count the bow ties, just count them