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Hallelujah! Bernie Sanders is doing a talk in Oxford

He’s coming to do a book launch at the Sheldonian

Brookes makes over £3 million profit from its halls of residence every year

And they only want to upgrade the rooms every 25 years

Brookes is officially the eighth most expensive uni in the UK

We spend £3,120 a year on food alone

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It was fun while it lasted

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The Tab Brookes Power List

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EDL founder Tommy Robinson banned from speaking on campus

Brookes Union have shut it down over safety concerns

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A man in a Vauxhall tried to pick up a Brookes student on Thursday

It happened while she was waiting for a bus in Headington

A man has been charged for the Raleigh Park rape

The 44 year old will appear at the crown court in February

The university have finally issued a statement about our safety after last night’s attack

Our welfare has become more important than the building up traffic

A round up of everything that happened at Brookes in 2016

Someone even went on Take me Out

It’s time someone said it: the JHB should not be open to the public

If you’re not paying nine grand to be here, then get out