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Lizzie Rose
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LSE, Imperial, and UCL make top 10 in The Guardian’s University League Table 2022

Several London unis have moved up in the rankings of The Guardian University Guide 2022.

LSBU to spend £380,000 on mental health services for Black students

The funding aims to address and reduce the inequalities Black students continue to face in higher education

UCL Provost to make Jeremy Bentham’s body a tourist attraction

Fair enough, if it’s for the greater good

London Mayor requests face masks remain compulsory on public transport

‘Mandatory face masks will give passengers reassurance and protect both them and our heroic transport workers’

Election day: Let’s talk about Count Binface’s London Mayor campaign


20 thoughts we’ve all had while writing our dissertations

An article about writing dissertations to avoid writing a dissertation

Which UCL Libraries are open for Term 3? Find out here

To all you finalists competing for study spaces, may the odds be ever in your favour

London South Bank Uni donates £150k to create apprenticeships for small businesses in London

‘Our £150k donation will create new apprenticeships and support London’s small businesses who have been particularly hard hit by the pandemic’

Memorial of 150,000 hearts commemorates those lost during the pandemic

‘Like the scale of our collective loss, this memorial is going to be enormous’

This is not a joke: YouTube legend Max Fosh is running to become Mayor of London

‘Hello, my name is Max Fosh, and I have absolutely no experience in politics’

With deadline season upon us, here are 25 weird things students are doing to stay sane

Each to their own I guess?

One year later: A day of reflection to mark a year of lockdown and remember those lost

‘Today, the anniversary of the first lockdown, is an opportunity to reflect on the past year – one of the most difficult in our country’s history’

Study shows 94% of UK unis had tweeted concerns about Covid before first lockdown

By the end of January, 41 UK universities had communicated to their students via Twitter about Covid-19

Protests in picture: The last week of London protests and vigils

If you couldn’t make them, here’s all the photos you need to feel like you were there

Protests: There’s an urgent need for intersectional solidarity that can’t be ignored anymore

‘It is not fair that protection is only for white women it seems. It is not fair. It is not right. I’m going to keep coming out because it is the right thing to do’

We asked protestors why they are marching right now and the responses are harrowing

‘We’re here in solidarity – for her and for all the women, all the trans women, all the non-binary people, all the gender non-conforming people’

UCL students get voting: The Leadership Race is open and your vote matters

The voting for the UCL Student Union Election is now open

Thousands attend Sisters Uncut and Reclaim The Fight protests against police violence

‘The police, courts and state don’t protect us or keep us safe: they are part of the problem’

What’s changed at your London uni since the government’s roadmap announcement?

Stay tuned for live updates

The Union Leadership Race explained: What it is and why your vote matters

“If anyone actually wants to bring about any change within UCL the best place to be to do that is to run in the leadership race and get a role as a sabbatical officer”

LSE extends rent reductions for students unable to return to their accommodation

Rent will continue to be waived for those who can’t return to halls

London Southbank becomes first UK uni to meet standard for supporting male sexual violence survivors

‘This issue affects students in every UK university, but for too long it has not received the attention it deserves’

This is how students feel about the 2020/21 No Detriment policy

“I can’t believe we waited this long for practically NOTHING”

Vice Provost Anthony Smith addresses the UCL 2021 No Detriment policy

The Vice-Provost has thanked students for their patience on behalf of the UCL Education Committee

University of London signs open letter calling for the government to support university students

Open Letter to the Prime Minister, Chancellor of the Exchequer and Education Secretary demands more support for university students

We reviewed the best (and worst) places to cry on campus

The irony is now we’re crying at home at the very prospect of never being able to cry on campus again

TeamUCL Lockdown Challenge: What it is and how you can get involved

Almost 30 sports clubs are already involved in the challenge

The best pics of the London snow day 2021: It snows so rarely it needs to be documented

Turns out a snow day is even more exciting when you’re 18+ and working from home

38 of the best panic purchases that helped students survive the pandemic

Panic purchases give you the weird the wonderful and the totally pointless

QMUL announces university-wide assessment mitigations promising more details by end of Jan

The university is “committed to ensuring fair assessment”

We spoke to UCL students about why cancelling graduation now was the wrong decision

“The last thing keeping me from falling off the edge just got ripped away”

UCL Students’ Union announces the “Key Principles” for no detriment this year

Union say they want to get the best policy they can for students

Russell Group Student Union call for the reconsideration of the Russell Group statement

They’ve called for immediate action!

UCL Union addresses Russell Group Statement about no detriment

Update from the Union following the emergency education meeting today

UCL formally apologises for its eugenicist history and legacy

They have said their eugenic links in the past bring them “deep regret”

SU take a stand for a no detriment policy and value for money for UCL students

Find out here what the SU is doing for Students in regard to a No Detriment policy and ensuring Students get value for money this year.

London students prepare to join the rent strikes: Which universities are striking?

Here is all the info you need to get involved in the rent strikes across London

Updated:UCL will not charge students rent if they do not return to uni accommodation this term

Students who are unable to come back will not be forced to pay rent

Let’s stop pretending like everything is fine, we need a safety net now more than ever

The safety net is the bare minimum we deserve, realistically a full no detriment policy should be laid out for this year’s students

Which UCL Libraries will be open following latest lockdown? Find out here

Only 6 out of 16 libraries will be open and operational

You heard it here first, uni students and medieval monks are one and the same

Procrastinating? Sleep-deprived? Hungry? Are you a uni student or medieval monk? Or both? A look at ‘uni student monk’ life…