Liza Kozowyk

‘Fresh Meat’ hit Durham for Comic Relief

The cast of tv show ‘Fresh Meat’ take on tricycle racing for Comic Relief in Durham’s Castle

What’s Cooking Durham?

The Tab takes a trip around the unsuspecting Viaduct to see what students are up to in the kitchen

The Leipzig Chronicles, Part II

Our travelling Durhamite Annie suffers from an accent identity crisis as she adds another country to her already confused brain


Where better to stage ‘Posh’ than in Durham, the spiritual home of red trousers?

The Leipzig Chronicles

Our Durhamite abroad takes you through her first weeks living in Germany, and shows us the trials and tribulations of starting something new.

Tango Reviewed

Donal gives us his opinion of another Durham delight.

Stars In Our Eyes?

From US election parties to the prevalence of Stars and Stripes leggings, LIZA KOZOWYK thinks Durham may have become slightly too Americanised.

Durham Food Festival

A review of this year’s Food Festival

An Out of Durham Xper1ence

George Grillo gives his view from a seat on the infamous X1

The Fresh Commandments

The clouds parted and SAM HORBYE handed down five commandments unto mankind

Education Sorted

Two years since it’s introduction, how is the infamous Harry Potter module getting on?

Mini Support for Minority Sport

By refusing to recognise the potential of smaller clubs, Durham is restricting its sporting prowess, OLIVIA AL-ADWANI tells The Tab.