Liam Kelly

Leeds LGBT+ Society refuse to campaign against concentration camps

Up to 100 men have already been detained

LUU officially backs the Remain campaign

‘Our position to back Remain is Union policy, and not stating it would be breaking that policy’

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You become resilient pretty quickly

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The whole block was evacuated

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He gave a councillor CPR in the street

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No I won’t make you a Cheeky Vimto

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Dude where’s my car?

Meet the Leeds promo girl competing to be in Miss Universe

She did a masters in psychology

Almost none of the Hyde Park Councillor candidates actually live in Hyde Park

They don’t even go here

Super Gonorrhoea is spreading in Leeds, again

There may be no cure

Leeds ranked in the top five best unis

It ranks above Oxford, LSE and of course Beckett

First Buses cut fares to £1 on services across Leeds students

Quid’s in thanks to Leeds University Union

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