Layla Gordon
I'm a serious coffee addict and dog addict. I have a slight obsession with elephants and I'm an animal rights advocate and vegan. I love books, especially ones with a history and character. My favorite series is Harry Potter and I'm still looking for the deathly hallows. My favorite musical is Hamilton - I'm only 19 but my mind is older.

Bucknell’s production of ‘Almost, Maine’ isn’t the play you’d expect, but in the best way possible

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Bucknell holds first ever Muslim-Jewish solidarity dinner

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BREAKING: Swastika found in ELC bathroom

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Lil Wayne to perform at Bucknell

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A new study by The New York Times shows graduates are almost always successful

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Jewish students of Bucknell respond to the swastika drawn in Bertrand Library

‘This scares the shit out of me’

Why girls shouldn’t aspire to be Rory Gilmore

She’s an unrealistic role model with a toxic attitude toward relationships

Why girls shouldn’t aspire to be Rory Gilmore

She’s an unrealistic role model with a toxic attitude toward relationships

The reality of being a fake vegan at Bucknell

‘Nothing tastes as good as moral superiority feels’

Everything that happened when Bucknell protested DAPL

‘It has catastrophic ramifications for both the people and the environment’

BREAKING: Black Lives Matter chalk found on buildings across campus

‘Fight the violence’

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We thought he’d graduated, but Chalk Guy is back

Everything that happened at Bucknell Fall Fest 2016

It was a constant stampede for free t-shirts

It’s hypocritical for Jews to vote for Donald Trump

Really, I don’t think anyone should vote for him

It is morally unjustifiable to ride elephants on your vacation in Asia

It’s not difficult to not ride an elephant