Laila Husain
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UVA professor accused of sexual harassment by former students

John Casey, author of ‘Spartina,’ and Professor in the English Department has been accused of sexual harassment by former graduate students

Slain Virginia teenager’s memorial was set on fire earlier today


‘Your people should all be executed’: What it’s like being a Muslim girl in America

Justice for Nabra, killed on her way home from a Virginia mosque

Former UVA student on trial for sexual assault and sodomy

His court date has just been delayed till March

As a Pakistani-American Muslim woman, I am terrified for Tuesday

I never thought the day would come where I had to fight to be recognized as who and what I constitutionally am

I substituted my coffee with ice-water for a week

I downed the entire icy bottle like the drinking game that it absolutely wasn’t

Man arrested for peeping into UVA student’s off grounds apartment

On October 11th a resident reported witnessing Gomez-Sanchez in the act of breaking into and entering their apartment

The unofficial, comprehensive guide for UVA transfers

‘You’re only half a member of the Class of 2018’

Fourth Years give advice to First Years

Lou’s List over SIS

The truth behind dramatic eyebrow transformations

‘I shaved off my eyebrows in seventh grade because I didn’t have tweezers’

UVA ninth best value college in America, says TIME

Wahoos can add ‘fiscally responsible’ to their list of accomplishments

What it’s like to grow up without a hometown

Being at home in Karachi will never undermine the experience of being home in DC

Participating in Ramadan as a spiritual Muslim woman

Any of my friends in high school will tell you the only time they have ever heard me pray was mid-illegal U-turn or merging on the highway at 100 miles per hour

How my weight stopped mattering to me

I had to teach myself that my value exceeded the numbers on the scale

Everything I know in life, I learned from my mother and grandmother

I wouldn’t be half the woman I am today without them

Bodo’s changes its hours: Now open 24/7

Management hopes that the new hours will help alleviate the stress and constant barrage of deadlines inevitable at the end of the semester

What happens when you transfer to UVA from the city

The musings of a spring transfer student