L and L

Agony Aunt: The Pursuit Of Sexual Satisfaction.

L&L deal with some students whose sexual needs are causing problems. Amusing problems. Amusing problems L&L then solve with an equally amusing answer.

Agony Aunt: Politically Incorrect

They’re back, they’re disgusting and they’re just as insightful as ever. L&L, we missed you.

Agony Aunt: Desperate People.

Your sick problems. L and L. Your sick problems solved. Excellent.

Agony Aunt: MILFs and other opportunities.

L&L are back, answering all your love and sex woes. Mainly sex woes.

Agony Aunt: Inappropriate Partners

Like them pre-pubescent or post-obesity? L and L, our resident advisors tell you how to deal.

Teenage Angst: Tab Agony Aunt

L and L are on hand to answer all your relationship woes. This week, they deal with a serious case of repeated pant loss and a boy who just wants his girlfriend to say no to modesty.