Kelly Saiz

Byre Theatre to reopen

Guess who’s back?

Library to extend its opening hours

St Andrews students gain more spare time in which to do their degree

Byre theatre rescue plans stall

Plans for the Byre are hitched once again

World’s most famous living philosopher to speak later today

The world’s most famous philosopher comes to St Andrews

University Announces Free Bus Service

Free bus rides ’til 2am courtesy of our University

CCTV Images of Potential Assaulter Released

Image of St Andrews suspect released by Police Scotland

UCU alerts lecturers to boycott marking

The boycott will backup grading.

£1 million state-of-the-art Lab opens in Purdie Building

New £1 million lab helps make St Andrews an international player.

St Andrews Travel Collective launches

Pack a bag and let’s go!

Fife Council agree to University takeover of Byre Theatre

The Byre’s back in action thanks to The University of St Andrews

University issues safety email following two attacks

You can never be too safe!

Rasputin Circus “postponed”

Event crashes due to unforeseen circumstances…

St Andrews ranked 41 of 50 universities in Sexual Health Report Card

Sex ain’t so safe in St Andrews

Krispy Kreme comes to Tesco

DOUGHNUTS. That is all.

IT Service desk awarded ‘3 stars’

Holla at the IT guys (and gals).

St Andrews researchers discovering the reasons for UK tea obsession

Let’s have a cuppa.

Medical student Manvir Singh disappears

Missing medic.

Former Association Chair calls for SRC reform

It’s a Student’s Association shake up.

Royal and Ancient to (maybe) admit women

Women can golf… who knew?

Hot accommodation: the swanky new Hotel du Vin

Hotel du vin is a Hotel du win (funny?).

“Your Shop” opens in the Union today

Your Union, your shop.

Community Council fighting local seagull nests

Seagulls are hunted by Community Council.

German Princess in court for making ‘killing muslims’ comment

A Princess behind bars.

Community council object to £25 million golf course plans

Controversy over another big-hitting, 18 hole extravaganza

The results are in! Your new Sabbs

The results came in.

The Rector’s Cafe to open today

FINALLY our town gets a coffeeshop!

Sabbatical debate: presidential nominees go head to head

Sabbs killed it (and not each other) at the debate last night.

Meet the candidates

Meet your candidates aiming to court your vote

Whitehall documents reveal Royals have real power

Royal power is greater than we thought…

TEDxUniversityofStAndrews in search of student speaker

Think you have what it takes?

Election season: nominations


Elections 2014: What’s to come

Elections are upon us, get excited (or keep far away from the library).

Cancer experts gather in St Andrews this week

St Andrews welcomes leading cancer researchers.

Itchy Feet: What to Wear

Itchy Feet is BACK and so is our swingin’ wardrobes.

Edward Snowden named Glasgow University’s rector

Edward Snowden to represent Glasgow students.

Bell St demolition: 3 new flats, new shop to be built

Bell Street to house three new flats.

The Saint’s drug survey: anonymous?

…were you really going to tell the Internet about your drug habit anyway?

Entrepreneurship in the Digital Age

This is an event with big opportunities.

The Other Guys’ toured USA

The Other Guys hop across the pond…

Fife Park to be demolished

Farewell to Fife Park.

Scotland legalises same-sex marriage

Scotland is the latest country to legalise same-sex marriage

CHR reports huge University growth, need for innovative housing solutions


Universities of St Andrews, Glasgow & Stirling warn against bad public policy

We need more public policy, Stirling and Glasgow agree!

St Andrews Castle getting beautified

Curioser and curioser!

Puppy Bowl X to make Super Bowl XLVIII sweeter

Super bowls or Puppy bowls?

Beyoncé isn’t my Idol

Beyoncé is a sexualised, objectivised, feminist icon

Document leak: University to expand?

More students in the library?

New halls of residence to be constructed by East Sands

Housing crisis: over?

M&S and Premier Inn coming to town

Say hello to Percys Pigs.

Fisher & Donaldson vending machine here to stay

Sausage rolls are stirring things up.

80 mph wind, 30 ft waves shut down transport across Scotland

Look out that library window… SNOW!

Police seeking information about sexual assault

Come to the rescue.

3 of 14 to-be-completed luxury West Burn Townhouses still available

Anyone have a spare £800,000?

Market Street fountain to be reinstated with firm health and safety regulations

A new fountain to drunkenly jump in is coming to St Andrews.

The Adamson hosts fashion show for Marie Curie Cancer Care

Yet another charity fashion show…

Guardbridge Energy Centre: up in sustainability, down in carbon emissions

Guardbridge: an energy saving wonderland.

£200 NHS fee for international students

Additional fee to be imposed on International Students

Former church, Martyrs Kirk, transformed into Research Library

For church to research…

Hamish McHamish to be bronzed for Christmas

The purr-fect way to say we love Hamish.

The Adamson’s head chef makes it to Masterchef semi-finals

A culinary master is in our midst…

Greenpeace protest

Greenpeace-ful protest…

Butler & Co. wraps return to the Bubble

Is it wraps you’re looking for…?

UN expert, Dr Gustavo Gallón is coming to St A.

The School of International Relations lectures shed light on human rights in Colombia…

Lonely Planet tells the world to visit Scotland in 2014

Scotland is risin’ on up in the world.

Psychology Department making 3D waves

3D vision isn’t just in the movies.

University staff to strike over salaries

What do they want? More salary. When do they want it? Now!

Hamish McHamish: wino?

Cat wine: the latest Japanese export.

Prince George has St Andrean godparent

BREAKING NEWS: Baby has a godparent.

Argos or Ar-gone?

A farewell to Argos.

Ritziest golf club: St Andrews edition

Got a spare £200,000?

St Andrews creates device to get drunker faster

St Andrews is superior in Scotland

St Andrews signs up for responsible investment

Non-academic misconduct: up in numbers, down in seriousness

Ambassadors go a “Day Without Pay”

What to wear: Big Top Ball

Next stop St Andrews: The little railway that could

Get The Look: Red Dresses

Hamish McHamish to be bronzed

What to Wear: DONT WALK

Vengaboys come to Sinners’ Sport

TEDxUniversityofStAndrews: The time has come

What to wear: GIG presents Studio 54

St Andrean Chic

Evil or obedient?

St Andrews to a ‘T’

Hamilton Grand costs more than its name

Students encouraged to CoppaFeel

Hamish McHamish goes to print

What to wear: to the Gym

Bill Murray: reporters are morons

STAND symposium (sadly not ours)