Julia Nahhas
Julia Nahhas

Exclusive: UF junior Quinton Reddick, charged on child sex offences, ‘harassed’ male students over Facebook

He is currently charged with soliciting a minor for sex

Stop catcalling me on my scooter

I wish I had a car

PSA: Cantina is giving away free shots for the SEC Championship Game

Get a free shot for every score by the Gators

Donald Trump’s transition team enlists UF professor

His concentration will be in the Federal Communications Commission

UF student arrested and charged with sexual battery

Parker Griffie is being held at Alachua County Jail for the first-degree felony

PSA: Cantina is giving away free shots tonight

If you’re wearing your party’s color, you get a free shot every time they win a state

Conspiracy theories Trump supporters actually believe

Not everything is as it seems in the land of Trump’s inquisitive fans

The definitive hangover map of Gainesville

grab yo kids, grab yo wife, we’re going to Bagels and Noodles

Kindergarteners and college students are the same kind of people

I need my mommy

PSA: You can get BOGO Chipotle

This is not a drill

If UF had a soul it would be the Turlington Potato

An ode to that brown rock sitting in the middle of campus