Julia Bittencourt
Campus Editor

Everything happening at Dooley’s Week 2016

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Pro-free speech banner appears at Emory

Students continue to express their opinions near Asbury circle

Emory BSA start hashtag against Trump graffiti

#1969not1836 has students everywhere expressing support for Emory students who have felt threatened by recent pro-Trump graffiti

Emory campus covered in Trump chalk graffiti

Anonymous Emory students defaced the University in support for Trump

Student groups embroiled in Israel-Palestine ‘propaganda’ war

Several groups on campus have put up demonstrations in response to each other and the ongoing conflict in the region

They’re selling Girl Scout Cookies in the DUC until 4pm

Hoard them now, profit later

If Emory bars were your friends

MJQ is obviously the druggie hipster

These Republican students want the right to have guns at Emory

A few brave students discuss their unpopular opinion on guns

BREAKING: Pro-Rape meetup rescheduled

‘Not a single meetup will be cancelled. We will not be intimidated by the actions of the lying media and leftist political establishment’

BREAKING: Controversial rape advocate meet-up CANCELLED

Roosh V was planning a meet-up in Atlanta to protest for the legalization of rape

The first words that come to mind when we say ‘Donald Trump’

‘What that dumb fuck from High School turned into’