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Two students hit by drive-by paintball attack

The perpetrators will be charged with aggravated assault

We’re looking for new Rutgers singles of the week

Lonely hearts only

RU says it’s keeping Harvey Weinstein donation money

Even though USC are giving back his donation

Rutgers student left in ICU after hit and run

We’re appealing for information to find the driver

Joe Biden is coming to Rutgers to try and end sexual assault

Students can claim their free ticket starting October 2nd

RU athletics confirms the Alley isn’t coming back any time soon

We’re sad too

Student slams Rutgers frat bros for Instagram captions mocking Hispanics

‘Rutgers, Are these the boys you want being representatives of your oh so ‘diverse’ fraternities???’

Three men charged in connection to fatal stabbing over the weekend

The incident is still being investigated

A man was killed after an attempted robbery on Hamilton street early this morning

He was assaulted with ‘a sharp object’

President Barchi addresses Trump’s executive order and travel ban

‘We are not alone in this matter’

Guess who swears more than any other state in America?

New fucking Jersey that’s who

How to hack Starbucks at Rutgers

Don’t feel ashamed of your love for caramel frappes

Rutgers is one of the fastest growing sugar baby colleges in America

Your dreams of finding a hunny with money are here

Friday the 13th is actually the perfect day to get a tattoo

If you don’t do it today, will you ever?

New ‘Uber’ transportation service is cheaper and coming to Rutgers

It is expected to be released in March and will be available to the first 3,000 students who sign up today

A letter to Intro to Media, the worst class ever

P.S. Don’t write back

Hidden Grounds are doing half-price lattes on the first day of classes

There is a God

The Cooper Dining Hall bus stop will stop existing next week

Why RU why?

How much does it really cost to skip a class at Rutgers?

Hint: It isn’t enough to cover a hoodie from Barnes & Noble

‘I was fucked up and you were pretty’: Boys on Tinder share why they swiped right

Who says romance is dead?

RU Athletics introduces more lenient marijuana rules

The new policy applies to all intercollegiate sports, including football

How to become healthy the Rutgers way

Put down that Fat Darrell and stay far, far away from Easton Ave

‘Ellen for Rutgers commencement’ are holding a rally in Buccleuch Park

There will be free hot chocolate

Rutgers service dog found after being missing for two days

Donations are being accepted to pay for the dog’s medical bills

I avoided getting a single parking ticket this semester without having a permit

Rutgers warned me, but parking authority can’t touch me

Anti-Trump demonstrations break out on College Avenue

‘We’re not going to stand for that, and that’s not who we want in office’

19-year-old woman suffers from fractured skull after getting hit by man at Rutgers

There was an alert sent out over Halloween weekend about this assault

BREAKING: Stabbing at Business School causes lockdown on Livi

The suspect is currently in custody

New multi-sport training complex to be built on Livi

The “groundbreaking ceremony” is invite only

Halloween costumes: Rutgers edition

You could dress up as a crying football player to celebrate all our losses

Why being a commuter is the best

Just kidding – it fucking sucks

We asked students about their worst freshmen mistakes

Learn from us

Suspicious package found on Douglass this morning

The area is now safe

Flex passes are free for students now

In case you’re late to the party

Rutgers mourns death of a student

Chancellor Edwards sent out an email this afternoon

Why cats are the best pet for college

‘Cats will eat you up if you die’

You can’t call us out for wearing makeup and then make fun of our acne

‘Shrug off the haters’

Why I tried to end my life – and why I won’t again

‘I can’t tell them. They’ll think I’m crazy’

We don’t care what you think about our piercings

We get it – it’s hard being so hardcore

‘All of the makeup I own is easily over $5,500’

Should have spent some of that on burritos

What it’s like going to a music festival on your period

‘Is that sweat or blood running down my leg?’

What it’s like going to a music festival on your period

‘Is that sweat or blood running down my leg?’

For the next time you’re considering road-tripping with your parents

‘At least they’re paying’

I sent boys on Bumble the first lines they’ve sent me on Tinder

‘I have something non-vegan you might want :p’

I sent boys on Bumble the first lines they’ve sent me on Tinder

‘I have something non-vegan you might want :p’

I washed my hair and face with vodka for a week

My hair had never felt so silky

I went a week without washing my hair

It was slicker than an oil spill

Practicing yoga bettered my health and spirit

You aren’t doing it right if you aren’t sweating

My mother drives a tractor trailer for a living

‘I wanted to challenge myself. Prove that I can do a man’s job’

What it’s like working as a student at Rutgers

Werblin Recreation Center is the best place to work on campus

You haven’t been ‘friend-zoned’. She’s just not interested

It’s everything but friendly

Things I wish I told my roommate this year

We’re gonna miss ’em

Hillary Clinton is coming to New Jersey on Wednesday

Watch out Bernie

Enterprising Rutgers seniors are selling their extra commencement tickets

Sucks for you if you’ve got a big family

NJIT student fatally shot at fraternity house

It happened this morning at the Tau Kappa Epsilon house

Rutgers made me stop drinking

What’s so great about the false confidence that only comes out when you aren’t sober?

Why the class of 2020 said ‘yes’ to Rutgers

Welcome lil babies

I went a week without makeup and I’ve never hated myself so much

It was so hard to look at myself in the mirror and think, ‘You have to leave like this’

BREAKING: Man charged with murder of Rutgers student

Shani Patel was killed on Sunday

I wore black lipstick for a week

It’s not just a gothic thing I swear

I don’t do crazy things to my hair for attention

I’d rather be left alone

I was raised in a Hispanic household but I refuse to learn Spanish

Not that I’m not proud of where I come from, but I’m not just my background, I’m me

Everything freshmen at Rutgers now understand

We are literally broke all the time

All the things you can do instead of studying for midterms

Binge watch everything

We asked Rutgers students what their childhood dreams were

Obviously someone said astronaut

It doesn’t suck being vegan

Just cause I can’t take jello shots doesn’t mean I can’t have fun too

Counting calories ruined my life

‘Now I’m here at Rutgers, surrounded by people who are doing great things while looking fantastic’