Jacqueline Suazo

Two students hit by drive-by paintball attack

The perpetrators will be charged with aggravated assault

We’re looking for new Rutgers singles of the week

Lonely hearts only

RU says it’s keeping Harvey Weinstein donation money

Even though USC are giving back his donation

Rutgers student left in ICU after hit and run

We’re appealing for information to find the driver

Joe Biden is coming to Rutgers to try and end sexual assault

Students can claim their free ticket starting October 2nd

RU athletics confirms the Alley isn’t coming back any time soon

We’re sad too

Student slams Rutgers frat bros for Instagram captions mocking Hispanics

‘Rutgers, Are these the boys you want being representatives of your oh so ‘diverse’ fraternities???’

Three men charged in connection to fatal stabbing over the weekend

The incident is still being investigated

A man was killed after an attempted robbery on Hamilton street early this morning

He was assaulted with ‘a sharp object’

President Barchi addresses Trump’s executive order and travel ban

‘We are not alone in this matter’

Guess who swears more than any other state in America?

New fucking Jersey that’s who

How to hack Starbucks at Rutgers

Don’t feel ashamed of your love for caramel frappes

Rutgers is one of the fastest growing sugar baby colleges in America

Your dreams of finding a hunny with money are here

Friday the 13th is actually the perfect day to get a tattoo

If you don’t do it today, will you ever?

New ‘Uber’ transportation service is cheaper and coming to Rutgers

It is expected to be released in March and will be available to the first 3,000 students who sign up today

A letter to Intro to Media, the worst class ever

P.S. Don’t write back

Hidden Grounds are doing half-price lattes on the first day of classes

There is a God

The Cooper Dining Hall bus stop will stop existing next week

Why RU why?

How much does it really cost to skip a class at Rutgers?

Hint: It isn’t enough to cover a hoodie from Barnes & Noble

‘I was fucked up and you were pretty’: Boys on Tinder share why they swiped right

Who says romance is dead?