Jacqueline Suazo

Why cats are the best pet for college

‘Cats will eat you up if you die’

You can’t call us out for wearing makeup and then make fun of our acne

‘Shrug off the haters’

We don’t care what you think about our piercings

We get it – it’s hard being so hardcore

‘All of the makeup I own is easily over $5,500’

Should have spent some of that on burritos

What it’s like going to a music festival on your period

‘Is that sweat or blood running down my leg?’

For the next time you’re considering road-tripping with your parents

‘At least they’re paying’

I sent boys on Bumble the first lines they’ve sent me on Tinder

‘I have something non-vegan you might want :p’

I washed my hair and face with vodka for a week

My hair had never felt so silky

I went a week without washing my hair

It was slicker than an oil spill

Practicing yoga bettered my health and spirit

You aren’t doing it right if you aren’t sweating

My mother drives a tractor trailer for a living

‘I wanted to challenge myself. Prove that I can do a man’s job’

You haven’t been ‘friend-zoned’. She’s just not interested

It’s everything but friendly

I went a week without makeup

And I’ve never hated myself so much