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I, Too, Am Exeter

Jaz Sansoye on why we need ‘I, Too, Am Exeter’ and the issue of racism.

Exeter: Devon’s Horniest City

Watch porn? If so, it looks like Pornhub has been watching you.

How to be a BNOC

Take her seriously or not, Jaz Sansoye reveals her guide to becoming a celebrity student.

Exeter University Responds to EDL

Exeter University responds to EDL’s remarks about the Arab and Islamic Institute

Going Bananas in Blue

Jaz Sansoye checks out the alternative side to Exeter’s retail sector.

The Great British Bake Off Drinking Game

Because we love a tipple as much as Mary Berry.

Locals Lock Target on “Elitist” Lock-in

Claims that the Princesshay Lock-In is “elitist” has angered students.

Students Get Say on ‘Blurred Lines’ Ban

The Students’ Guild at University of Exeter announces a student vote on whether ‘Blurred Lines’ should be banned or not.

Why ‘Blurred Lines’ Should Be Banned

Jaz Sansoye argues why the Students’ Guild should ban ‘Blurred Lines’

Love Our Locals

Jaz Sansoye on why it’s time to bridge the local-student divide.

Lads on tour

‘Ardent feminist’ Jaz Sansoye finds herself drawn to the world of ‘Lad’ Culture.

Students must not be left in the dark

Jaz Sansoye backs the Guild’s #exetersos campaign.

The Gym: Exeter’s silent killer?

Jaz Sansoye exposes a darker side to that bastion of Exeter living: the gym.

Top Ten Things To Do As A Tee-Totaler

Hate the juice or looking to shift some extra pounds before SSB season? Here’s some tips on how to maintain a stellar social life.