Jorge Shaft

What was the protest against the NSS all about?

The Student Assembly Against Austerity came out to protest against the National Student Survey

We asked for your reaction to President Trump

Incredulity about the result and paranoia about having their picture taken pervades

There was a BHM protest in front of Essentials

Around 30 people stood in front of Essentials defending the integrity of BHM

The Sabbs were roasted by students in lengthy BHM mess-up discussion

It went on for hours

A Kent affiliated trade union is calling for strikes this week

Exam and coursework marking could be affected

Gravesend Burger King lists crispy chicken salad on vegetarian menu

Are you sure, mate?

UKC students join huge anti-nuclear demonstration in London

60,000 people turned up

Hundreds of Kent students march in solidarity with Muslims

They marched in response to Britain First’s protest last week