Joe Whitwell
A limited attention span has led Joe to news, where new things happen almost everyday, or more realistically in Cambridge, almost every week. Sharing the role with Claudia, Joe has foolishly opted for the more data-intense investigative side of things, because linguistics is a science right? He can often be found roaming the roofs of Cambridge, searching, unsuccessfully, for a mate.

Reclaim the Night: A man’s view

Despite initial doubts, JOE WHITWELL says that Reclaim the Night is better off without men.

Oxford SU Candidate Writes Manifesto In Crayon, Becomes President

“Other Place” left in state of shock as “joke” candidate Louis Trup takes student union presidency.

Police Infiltration: Academics Pressure Vice-Chancellor

Academics are pressuring the Vice-Chancellor to defend students against police spying. ABIGAIL WOOD reports.

Urine Trouble! Student Banned From College Bar

A Robinson student was slapped with a bar ban after being found in a puddle of urine… in his own room. JOE WHITWELL reports.

Student Left Unconscious After Late Night Attack

Tuesday night followed the regular pattern of many a Cambridge evening until one student was left on the ground, unconscious, with cuts to the face. JOE WHITWELL Reports.

The Tab Meets: Dave Omand, ex-Director of the GCHQ

JOE WHITWELL speaks to David Omand about the changing role of GCHQ, the smashing of Guardian computers, and the terror that lies ‘out there’

The Tab Meets: Jill Abramson

JOE WHITWELL talks to Jill Abramson, executive editor at the New York Times about the expectations around the role of press.

CUSU Gets Serious On Living Wage

On Monday the CUSU council voted to create a permanent Living Wage Officer. JOE WHITWELL reports.

Tab Data: Bike Theft Conviction Barely Above 1%

At more than ten cases per week, bike theft is one of the most prevalent crimes carried out in Cambridge. JOE WHITWELL has the full details.

Cambridge Nightlife Slammed By Which?

It’s official: the Pope is Catholic, bears do it in the woods, and Cambridge nightlife is awful.

Subbuteo Statue Kicked Into The Long Grass

Plans stall for a statue on Parker’s Piece as a Labour Councillor raises concerns over its “sex and race”. JOE WHITWELL reports.

Royal Baby Publicity Punt

The Punting Company makes a splash with its own Royal announcement, writes JOE WHITWELL

So You Want to Leave the Bubble?

JOE WHITWELL broke out, made it back alive, and wants you to do the same.

My Shadow and Me

JOE WHITWELL took part in CUSU’s mentoring scheme and reports back on his experience.