Joe Goodman

Joe Goodman
Cambridge University


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Cambridge has got to change from the inside

That VICE video has a point

Seven Deadly Cindies: Pride


Seven Deadly Cindies: Gluttony

JOE GOODMAN returns to Cindies to talk about Gluttony

TONIGHT: Mercury Prize nominee Ghostpoet SECRET Union gig

He’s performing a DJ set to promote awareness of homelessness.

Germaine Greer is a massive hater

She is a bizarre human being

Everything wrong with this stupid video on the internet

In true Cantab style, JOE GOODMAN vents his fury

Being a fresher sucks

JOE GOODMAN lends some advice to all those freshers not feeling at home quite yet.

Seven Deadly Cindies: Envy

In this week’s episode JOE GOODMAN heads to Cindies to find out what Cambridge’s finest could possibly have to envy…

10 reasons Pussy Riot are even cooler than you already thought

After their visit to the Union last night, JOE GOODMAN gives you even more reason to love the punk protestors

Eat your fart out

As the race kicks off to find this year’s ‘best bum’, JOE GOODMAN takes the opportunity to talk about something a bit more serious.

Victory! New lights installed on Jesus Green

Tab petition makes headway: WE WON! Sort of…

Seven Deadly Cindies: Wrath

JOE GOODMAN returns to Cindies to talk about that most unpronounceable of sins: Wrath

Jesus and Christ’s: Let there be light

After a spate of nighttime attacks, it’s time the city council install sufficient streetlighting for all public spaces in Cambridge

Summer holiday made me stoopid

Cambridge vacations make you really stupid like, argues JOE GOODMAN

Seven Deadly Cindies: Lust

JOE GOODMAN visits Cambridge’s most venerable institution, Cindies, to talk about Lust

Remember me, Tiananmen

We must remember Tiananmen Square, says JOE GOODMAN.

Where are the yam fries?

JOE GOODMAN is worried about the lack of yam in the cam.

This Froyo is hollow, just like my soul

Frozen yoghurt leaves JOE GOODMAN feeling empty, in more ways than one.

Give Zac Efron his shirt back

Being objectified sounds like fun, so why does Zac Efron look so uncomfortable all the time?

The poultry state of egg farming

With Easter upon us, JOE GOODMAN talks to farmer’s daughter EMMA SMITH about where our eggs come from

Reservoir Dogs

JOE GOODMAN really gets into a free production of Tarantino’s classic.

So Many Positions, So Little Time

Week 8 is nearing and we know you all just want to sleep. Here are different ways to do it:

Bumps Jargon Buster

Stumped by bumps chat? JOE GOODMAN is here to gently scrape the rear end of your vessel with these essential definitions.

Russell Brand is re-branding Politics for the better

Russell Brand might be full of crap, but he’s stopped people snoring at the mention of politics, argues JOE GOODMAN.

Ode to Sir Tom

Tom Daley ‘came out’ today and JOE GOODMAN has something to say about it.