James Heale
James Heale

Editor of The Tab Bristol

Former spin doctor for Jeremy Corbyn gets into twitter spat with a Bristol student

He suggested a tweet was removed to prevent legal action

Breaking: Epigram to close in shock blow to student journalism at Bristol

‘What are on earth are we going to put on our CVs now?’

You’re a fool if you don’t recognise that history is the greatest subject of them all

Honest, just hear me out

Allegations of antisemitism after Friends of Palestine host controversial Holocaust survivor speech

‘Jews were directly compared to Nazis’

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The wait is finally over

All the drama as Bristol triumphed in tense Varsity fencing fixture against UWE

‘Imagine losing to a polytechnic’

Second year economics student confirmed dead by Bristol University

The university are encouraging those who need help to come forward

Bristol University has been consistently failing to meet Freedom of Information request deadlines

It blames staffing and technical issues

Yet another list of incredible quotes actually overheard in Bristol this term

‘Our Manor Hall pool table is covered in semen’

The Tab previews the SU officer candidates ahead of next week’s elections

Hacks, BNOCs, SJWs and characters galore

Etonocracy: New figures show that 224 Etonians have attended Bristol since 2010

Bet they all lived in Churchill

Students occupy top floor of Senate House for university pension strikes

‘We will force a free and open discussion’

Clicendales 2018 Review: ‘A five star smorgasbord of sizzling, sexy, sinewy flesh’

The NHS is going to be in good hands

Bristol’s Best Bachelorette 2018: THE FINAL

Liv Daniel vs Jasmine Walters

Bristol’s Best Bachelor 2018: THE FINAL

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Peak times in Stokey B

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Our prayers have been answered

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History in the making

Bristol University unveils revised model for pastoral care in halls of residence

The biggest changes to halls in UoB history