Jessica Li
Co-Editor, The Tab Princeton

Princeton triumphs in court as judge resumes DACA

Complaint brought by the university and Princeton senior affirmed in district court

Princeton will not divest from Private Prisons

Resources Committee notes University has no investment in for-profit prisons

Princeton debating society votes in favor of resolution to ban all guns

After debate, both sides agreed the resolution was extreme

Roaming deer in Wu Dining Hall greets Princetonians from break

‘Bambi escaped,’ says Princeton spokesperson Daniel Day

BREAKING: Standoff ended, armed man shot dead at Panera Bread near Princeton University

A five hour standoff ended after gunman was shot dead

Federal Judge dismisses Title IX suit filed by gay, ex-graduate student at Princeton

The plaintiffs have filed an appeal

“I’m going to snipe you, I’m going to get you,” says ex-employee to Terrace Club manager

“That is the last time you are going to yell at me”

Police looking for ex-Terrace staff member who returned to premises and threatened club

‘Terrace received a phone call from him, threatening the club’

Princeton Police tickets students for jay-walking across Washington Rd

Don’t jay-walk near Terrace club unless you want to get fined $54

Princeton to give full consideration for current applicants suspended for gun-reform protests

Applicants are encouraged to submit an explanatory note

Pyne Prize winner Newby Parton describes his journey from a low-income Appalachian town to Princeton’s highest honor

John ‘Newby’ Parton was named one of two Pyne Prize recipients

Students walk out after Princeton professor uses n-word in class

‘What is worse, a white man punching a black man, or a white man calling a black man a n****r?’

Princeton junior dies in New York hospital

Our hearts go out to all those affected by this tragedy

Dolan: three referenda stayed will be considered by student-faculty committee in spring semester

Honor Committee would forfeit its authority if it does not follow the administration’s email

Princeton administrators put Honor Code reform on hold

Despite majority support, penalty reduction and due-process changes for academic dishonesty cannot be implemented immediately

Incoming Princeton visiting Professor released by Cameroon government

The award-winning novelist critical of the Central African nation was jailed for “inciting violence in a Facebook post”

Tributes to be paid to Jacob Kaplan ’18

He fought angiosarcoma, a rare cancer, for over eight months

Working minimum wage 60 hours a week, graduate students preserved future of research, dodged tax bullet

$10-20 million tax on university endowment kept in GOP consolidated bill

Roughly 40 students committed to Princeton within one hour of admission

Princeton accepts a record-low number of applicants and a record-high lower-income students for Class of 2022

USG Candidate Ryan Ozminkowski talks domain buy-outs, Super-PAQ endorsement, says campaign “100 percent” serious

“I am an entertainer, not a politician. I love making people happy,” says the California Central Valley native