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All the things you said you would do over Winter Break and didn’t

You said you’d apply for internships but instead you’re catching up on Netflix

2016: A year in review at UNC

Basketball, discrimination and haikus, oh my

‘I had my first kiss at 23 years old’: Meet UNC’s Alex Koszeghy

She had her first kiss in Hawaii *swoon*

Meet the Tar Heel trying to get the Chainsmokers to UNC

He’s already gotten in contact with someone in the booking department but CUAB is skeptical

Your guide to napping on campus between classes

So you don’t have to walk all the way back to South Campus

We spoke to the NC photographer behind the viral Charlotte protest photos

His name is Jonathan Brashear and he didn’t think he’d get there in time

Gov. Pat McCrory declares State of Emergency over gas shortage in NC

It looks like we’re back in the 1970s

Dear active bystanders: Thank you

A letter of appreciation to these everyday heroes

The best of Bid Day 2016

Taking care of bid-ness

UNC admits 2,224 new Tar Heels to the Class of 2020

The Carolina family just got a little bigger

UNC should provide transportation to the Final Four game

And I don’t mean paying $800 for a plane ticket

‘I always said I would never go to Carolina’: Confessions of an ex-Dookie

‘I had a serious change of heart’

‘Your worth isn’t found in a number on a scale’: I won my battle with anorexia

Without experiencing the pain, I wouldn’t have the same appreciation for life now

A fire alarm went off in Morrison, leaving residents to stand in the pouring rain

Now everyone is cranky

Meet the UNC duo who created a waterless car wash

They were runners-up in the 2015 Carolina Challenge

Hawk getting unexpected support in SBP race after squirrel attack

‘The hawk’s beak was covered in blood, with bits of entrails dangling from its mouth’

Carolina ranked one of the most beautiful college campuses

Aw, we’re blushing

First-year applicants set record for 11th consecutive year

Who wouldn’t want to apply to UNC?

BREAKING: Man hurt as power goes out on North campus

This article contains a picture which some readers may find distressing

We asked seniors about their last FWOC

For them, it’s more than just syllabus week

Uber cuts prices in Chapel Hill

Prices goin’ down on a Tuesday

It’s time to go back to UNC

Let’s go back to the southern part of Heaven

Fitz’s closes its doors permanently

Sorry, 21+ crowd

Why you need to binge watch Parks and Rec this Winter Break

Because Lenoir is in Pawnee and we can prove it

UNC ranked best in value for 15th consecutive time

And that’s the Carolina Way

Passing a concealed carry law for UNC’s campus is not the answer

Wednesday’s lockdown once again sparked the discussion on gun control

Clef Hangers perform Christmas song mashup at LDOC Old Well Sing

It wasn’t quite on LDOC, though

We asked students about their Christmastime traditions

‘I can’t resist Christmas lights’

Don’t sell off the UNC Student Stores, says NC House Rep

‘We will lose our democracy’

Blank Canvas Dance Company debuts fall showcase

Some of the ticket sales were FTK

Students lit candles at vigil honoring victims of global atrocities

‘We have the capacity to resist hate’

Meet freshman Keenan Cromshaw, a member of UNC’s Army ROTC

‘I want to defend all the values that I love about this country’

Dear out-of-staters: A few things you should know

Come for the school, stay for the fried food and basketball

Dear freshmen: A few things you should know by now

Yes, beating d00k is included

Meet History Professor Matthew Andrews, our hot professor of the week

He certainly makes history more interesting

We found out what’s inside those Polk Place boxes

No, they aren’t oversized jack-in-the-boxes

We asked freshmen boys about their first time doing laundry

Mom’s not here