Jennifer Gale

Alfreton Road closed after accident

An accident on Alfreton road has lead to one lane being closed coming away from town – watch out for traffic.

What does your summer say about you?

Internship? Volunteering? Back to Thailand for your second gap yah? Summer 2K14 is impending and your plans probably make you a douchebag.

REVIEW: No Tomorrow

The weather made a quick turn-around for Nottingham’s biggest and best after-exams celebration.

Cafe Crush: Edin’s Natural Kitchen

Looking for a cute place to procrastinate? Pop into Edin’s Cafe for some roasted sweet potatoes, homemade garlic and herb sausage rolls and caramelised onion and brie tart. Droooooool.

Miranda Hart at the Capital FM Arena

Miranda Hart just finished her string of shows at the arena, and she was epic…

Minor punishments for lecherous lecturers

A FOI request has revealed that for lecturers accused of inappropriate relationships with students, punishments are little more than a smack on the wrist

Sultry Spencer slips some saliva into students

Spencer Matth-you are next: Made in Chelsea’s golden boy Spencer Matthews came to the Forum on Thursday looking more fake tan than man, and it looks like he kissed EVERYONE

University responds to Tony Fisher’s ‘foolish mistake’

University not going to let this Fish off the hook…

‘The only idiot in this room is me’ – Fisher makes red faced apology

English lecturer Anthony Fisher publicly apologises after calling students ‘idiots’ on his Facebook page, while his students dub the incident ‘a foolish mistake’…

VIDEO: The Student Learning Experience At Nottingham University

“You’ll get by on 40%, still worth more than a first from Trent”

Video: death-defying nudity – for a can of coke

How far would you go for a can of Coke? Two Notts students brave sub-zero temperatures for the ultimate hangover cure.

Notts in GIFs: Crappppppy New Year!

It’s the 1st December, which means that New Years Eve is officially one month away. Fuck New Years Eve.

Want to watch a Nottingham student put his head through a table for £20?


Rag Raids Cancelled Amid ‘Alcohol Ban’ Speculation

This weekend, Rag Raids are being cancelled amid speculation that an ‘alcohol ban’ has been imposed.

‘Toast’ Review: It was even butter than expected

It’s a party in your mouth and it’s good for you, what more could you want?

Nottingham Live: THE GREAT ESCAPE

Stay up to date with Nottingham’s biggest Jailbreak. We’ll be bringing you regular updates on who’s fled the country and who hasn’t made it past Market Square! Tweet us any updates you hear @TheTabNotts

Video: Nottingham Trent Students Say Cheese!

Some unlucky Trent Freshers are tricked into thinking a video camera is a stills camera, and it’s priceless.

Notts in GIFs: It’s Party Week

Lectures are easy, deadlines cease to exist as of yet and after some bedrest, recovery from freshers flu has been possible…. it’s PARTY WEEK.

Dramatic suspected gas leak in Lenton

Gas leak at the end of Rolleston Drive. Reactions? There was none.