Jasmin Sandelson

Cambridge Fetches 50,000 Fans

Cambridge might be known for admitting the conversationally awkward and socially inept, but the University is today celebrating its online popularity.

Clare May Ball

JASMIN SANDELSON: ‘a night of considered touches, and unfortunately, queues’.

Free Degree

A Cambridge professor has slammed the traditional Oxbridge practice of awarding free masters degrees to graduates.

Cambridge to Oxford Charity Punt

While most students will be sleeping off the excesses of May Week, four Cambridge students will be setting off on a 200 mile, 12 day long punt trip.

Cambridge Union To Offer Pole Dancing Lessons

Cambridge Union Society is courting controversy with their newest addition to Easter’s termcard, in the form of POLE DANCING lessons.

Trinity Turfs Out Tutors

Undergraduates from across the University have been forced into exile by new supervision guidelines set by Trinity College.

Homerton’s Heyday

Homerton has finally been declared an official College of Cambridge University.

Feminist Fracas

The Cambridge Feminist Society has been plagued by infighting following a mixed response to a poster warning women to avoid illegal cabs.

Bedder and Breakfast

The credit crunch has come to Cambridge with Colleges soon to start moonlighting as Bed and Breakfasts for tourists.

“Drug Test Students”, Says Boffin

Universities should consider testing students for ‘smart drugs’ before exams, according to a leading neuropsychologist.

Cambridge Drinkers Show Their Stamina

A spectacularly messy pub crawl through some of Cambridge’s liveliest nightspots has been caught on camera.

Queens’ Bat Attack

A shocking attack in broad daylight saw a Queens’ student hospitalised last week.

Dead Ed

The Education Tripos is set to be SCRAPPED under radical new plans to shake up the teaching of Social Sciences in Cambridge.

Bond: Licence To Build

Cambridge University is pondering issuing up to £300 MILLION of bonds to fund extensive building works.

Oxford JCR Renamed Gryffindor

Students at the Other Place have caused a crisis by voting to rename Magdalen College JCR “Gryffindor.”

Mandelson’s Tuition Fee Trouble

A review on tuition fees could result in a dramatic rise in student costs.

Lord of the Dons

A CAMBRIDGE DON SNAPPED UP the title of ‘LORD OF BOWLAND’ when it was sold at auction last month.

Cambridge Blighted By Burglaries

Cambridge students are burgled every two days, police say

Mahal Bans Rugby Boys

The joint rugby team of THREE CAMBRIDGE COLLEGES has been BANNED INDEFINITELY from the Mahal, following a mercilessly messy social.

I’ll be seeing you Sassoon

A cash-strapped campaign to obtain the works of war writer SIEGFRIED SASSOON for Cambridge University has been given a helping hand.

Exqueenly Good News

The Queen is to come to Cambridge on a ceremonial visit.

Eagle landed with flock of fines

Footie Blue’s howler of a headache

A football Blue has been put out of action after hospitilising himself twice in a week from drunken head injuries.

Savage Shunned by Union

Controversial American Michael Savage was, at the last minute, cancelled from speaking at the Cambridge Union.

Cambridge Supremo shuns social mobility

Alison Richard, vice-chancellor of Cambridge, has confirmed that the University strives for academic excellence and not social mobility

Cambridge: Better than Oxford

Cambridge ranked world’s second best Uni

Selwyn professor in teen sex row

A Cambridge professor has called for the age of consent to be decreased to 13 years old, arguing that youngsters who choose to have sex before 16 should not be criminalised.

The Etiquette of Fridge Raiding

Dining for free…our guide to the ethics of fridge raiding.