James Kreczak
I'm a third year Journalism student at Northumbria.

We rate ourselves as average looking and pretty stupid

We came 107th for intelligence

Sing it loud and proud: Cheesy pop shouldn’t be a guilty pleasure

I’ll take my music with a side of cheddar, please

Who needs a gap year? I went on Coach Trip with my mum

And Brendan was a babe

Three years sober: You don’t have to drink to be a hoot

Lara hasn’t touched a drop since she started at Northumbria

I have a massive phobia of tea bags

They’re little rancid bags of stringy filth

10 Northumbria Master’s you’ve probably never heard of

Bet you wish you were doing one of them

Journalism is the booziest course

We drink to just about anything really

Your cheeky Nando’s selfies aren’t cheeky at all

Stop sending me chick pics

Promoters are knob heads

Msg me 4 g-list

I hate smokers and their disgusting habit

Stop lighting up next to me

Powerhouse is the best club in Newcastle

Newcastle’s biggest gay club has topped our poll

Vote for the Best Club in the toon?

Stop it with your 300 second Snapchat stories and let our poll do the talking

Tashe on campus: Movember is here

I’m just jealous you can grow a better beard

Brand new lunch spot swamped by students

Queues spill out onto the street

Interrailing: Screw the haterz

You ever managed 16 minibreaks in six weeks?