James Edwards
I took my shoes off in a club once.

Sketching the Election

Just what do UCL students really think of the candidates? We settle the election through the medium of art.

Silence of the Yams: VegSoc’s new cookbook

James turns veggie quicker than you can say ‘rap game Paul Bocuse’.

Tab Tries: Being Skint

Short on cash? Do this for a week.

Staff BNOC of the Week

James Edwards (sort of) interviews one of UCL’s biggest campus celebrities.

7 Ways to not starve to death

James Edwards keeps you in the bank’s good books with these money-saving tips.

The Tab’s Guide to New Year Fitness

James Edwards and Jennifer Simpkins on the best ways to lose that Christmas stuffing.

UCL’s Worst Merchandise

They asked you to fork out £9,000 for your degree, and now they’re asking you to find another £15 for dominoes.