Jacqueline Kellogg

PSA to The Odyssey: Feminism isn’t about hating men

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Hands of Harvard: ‘Last semester was the first time I experienced sexual assault’

‘It was after a party at Harvard’

Hands of Harvard: ‘I am starting to shift my old conservative values’

‘I don’t think I want to lose my virginity unless I’m in a relationship’

Hands of Harvard: ‘Being a virgin, you can become a novelty’

‘I am put into this stereotyped box of super-Christian’

Hands of Harvard: ‘There is a lot of cultural pressure to fall into female roles’

‘Women are limited to the kitchen and to the house’

Hands of Harvard: ‘Consent is sexy but awkwardness is OK too’

‘A lot of people don’t ask for consent consistently’

Hands of Harvard: ‘I am rediscovering the problem of sexual assault’

‘I get nervous in situations that I did not used to be nervous in before’

Hands of Harvard: ‘I’m not voting for Hillary just because she’s a woman’

‘It’s degrading to disregard all the other facets of her political image and my decision’

Hands of Harvard: ‘Our culture here doesn’t really allow for dating’

‘People are so scared of rejection’

Hands of Harvard: ‘We hide behind our label as a progressive institution’

‘It is really problematic that we hide behind this cover’

Hands of Harvard: ‘I had to come to terms with the abuse in my relationship’

‘I never really recognized the abuse until after the relationship ended’

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