Jackson McMillan
I'm an adventure seeking, pun-loving member of the Class of 2021 at the University of Florida. To call me the king of all nerds might be an understatement. Besides journalism, my hobbies include cosplay, Netflix binging, and competitive card games. I'm likely the Tab's #1 nerd expert, so if there's something dorky going down, you know I'll be there.
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Florida universities receive mass shooting and bombing threats

An anonymous sender threatened violence unless thousands of dollars in untraceable bitcoin were delivered.

A review of UF’s production of ‘Kiss Me Kate’

This hilarious musical is definitely worth your time.

Where was the alt-right?

There were as few as a dozen white supremacists present.

President Fuchs says Richard Spencer is a Jew-hating racist who has no place on our campus

‘He is contrary to everything this university represents’

A definitive guide on the top houses at Halloween Horror Nights 2017

Also how to do as much as possible so that you can maximize your $90 and few hours there.