Jack Harrison
Exeter Editor of The Tab

Breaking: The Forum and library have been evacuated

The reason is yet unknown

Stop joining the gym in term 3

Do it right or don’t do it at all

Mishap in Geography exam

They have to resit in August

Hijacked has sold out

You can still get afterparty tickets

Which previous Eurovision contestant is your halls?

Like Molly, no one has heard of Duryard

Exeter finalist is campaigning to leave the NUS

It’s just a far left echo chamber

Question Time is coming to Exeter tonight

The line up has been announced

David Cameron snubbed his own young Tories at Exeter


David Goldberg ‘Titan of The Tax Bar’ is coming to Exeter

He earns £3 million a year

Sidwell street closed as man is found hanging from a window

One man was severely injured

Forget TP, go to Mosaic on a Wednesday for Hope For Children

Switch it up a bit

Police appeal for information after tragic death of Mathematics graduate George Beresford

He left Exeter last year

The Business School had an IT meltdown and no one could get their results

As if it wasn’t stressful enough

There’s a video going round of a sports player getting a hand job in Timepiece

And everyone is having a go at the girl

Supreme Court’s Lord Neuberger praises enthusiasm of Exeter students after visit

He liked us a lot

Supreme Court President Lord Neuberger is coming to Exeter

He’s quite important

Exeter to waive tuition fees for Asylum seekers

The uni will only charge them £9,000

Nearly £6k was spent on the Fourm’s Christmas decor this year alone

We can expect a mad display next year

Edinburgh Fives Legend Ali Reid is back

It was pretty surreal

Edinburgh Fives has been derailed

He didn’t have a railcard and got kicked off

Edinburgh Fives is in progress right now

Ali Reid is on his way across the country

Campus WiFi has been hacked

Whoops, something went wrong

The Tab Exeter needs you

We want new writers

Exams pushed back from 8.30am start to 9am

‘It’s pointless’

What happened to the underwear at the SSB?

Where have all the Calvins gone?

Revealed: Ms Dynamite will headline the SSB

T-minus five days to rig-off

Campus WiFi is down

Better head out Californee way

A mysterious effigy has appeared in Birks

Maybe he couldn’t face the walk up Cardiac

Commotion on the way to Tar Barrels as coaches don’t turn up

Hundreds left stranded on the way to the tar barrels

Second year’s roof falls in as he lays in bed

It took a week and a half to get fixed

The guild is giving free coffee to people with 8.30 lectures

You only need to have four in a term

Nearly half of Exeter girls have been sexually assaulted

An eighth said they have been raped

Exeter Monopoly is finally here

We didn’t even make it on the blue squares

Is it acceptable to wee in the shower?

It’s sterile, but you’re still standing in excrement

JK Rowling declined our invite to the SSB

She didn’t want anyone to Slytherin

Meet Exeter’s best mountain biker who has competed at the World Cup

He jumps over 70 foot kickers

Meet the man behind the SSB

He’s got some fairly classic stories, as you can imagine

Your sports social is ruining everyone else’s night

Why do I need to say if my glass is empty

It’s not easy living in Duryard

It is AGES away