Isobel Cockerell

The renaissance of the Facebook poke

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My family turned Tory to save our mansion

Confessions of a Champagne Socialist

Your boyfriend is probably gay – but that doesn’t make you less of a woman

Don’t let others’ liberation become your oppression

Review: Blood Wedding

While there were moments of brilliance, this ambitious play didn’t live up to its potential

Ed Miliband’s crippling awkwardness is just what Britain needs

Ed is cute and hopeless, but our egos are stopping us voting for him

Stay in education as long as you can – the future is bleak

Don’t grow up, it’s a trap

People who comment ‘April Fool’ on April Fool articles are the dregs of society

 And deserve to be shot

Clare sex gremlins have regular orgies on College roof

DeClare your love for me

I’m trapped in an toxic relationship…with my printer

Printing me softly

You’re fat, get over it

You might be fat, but your real problem is you’re a moron.

Churchill Spring Ball: drunk in dystopia

Cheers Winston, top night

Microagression is everywhere, be it in Cambridge or a psychiatric unit

The realities of intermitting: livestock language follows me wherever I go 

The ADC set is the most insufferable scene in Cambridge

Our ADC insider dishes the dirt

#Endweek5blues: Stop claiming you ‘represent’ me

The campaign that just won’t listen

Week 5 Blues: A reading week isn’t the answer

Finding the time to be ill

Being sexually experimented on sucks

Cambridge is a time to explore – but don’t be a dick about it

The perils of polyamory

Everyone assumes that every sexual encounter you have is an orgy. They’re right

The Bicentenary Debate: Just like the good old days

Simply… ‘charming’

The Bicentenary Debate is self-indulgent, elitist and stupid

It’s still an old boys’ club – and you’re not invited

Some people just don’t understand privilege

And it pisses me off