Izzy W
Izzy W

Owner of World Headquarters awarded honorary degree from Newcastle University

The same honour Dr Martin Luther King received

Students protest over Newcastle University’s restrictions on Muslim prayer space

One student said they feel ‘betrayed’

Locke up your boyfriends, Ollie Locke is coming to Toon with #chappytour

Grab your loafers and signet rings

What do other unis think of Newcastle University?

Apparently we like to drink?

There’s a Mobike bar crawl happening in Newcastle this month

I want to ride my bicycle I want to ride my biiiike

Newcastle University is officially the laziest university

And they say there ain’t no rest for the wicked

Alternatives to the standard night out in Newcastle

Getting your kicks away from the diamond strip

Swingers smoking area has been voted the best in Newcastle

Swinging and smoking – the iconic duo

There’s going to be a massive sing-a-long of Toto’s Africa at Monument

Will it actually happen tho

Which is the best smoking area in Newcastle?

Anyone got a rizzla?