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University of Leicester joins the HeForShe Campaign

Even Emma Watson backed us up

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King Richard III sealed inside secret coffin at Leicester University

There’s a dead King chilling inside our uni

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A woman has been battered with dog poo.

£175,000 from Library Fines! Where Does It All Go?

We could have had 76 more lamps for the SU or even had 53,000 meal deals. Anyone hungry?

The best places on campus to take your Valentine

Bagged yourself a date for Valentine’s day but don’t know where to go? Maybe one of these locations will take your fancy?

Leicester at No 4 in Numeracy Test League Table

Students at Leicester are 0.03 per cent better at maths than Oxford students.

Leicester: A Gay Cruising Hotspot

Popular city spots like Highcross are frequently used by gay men looking to hook up anonymously

Shisha Sucks

And if you smoke it, you suck too…

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